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Adell Bridges

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London, UK

Hi! My name is Adell and I’m obsessed with yoga, handstands, and optimal health. I geek out over anything that makes me a little bit happier, healthier, or more resilient than I was yesterday.

And if you have an interest in becoming a better you, then we’ll get along great. Because I love sharing my knowledge.

I’m a yoga teacher, an author, a blogger, and an advocate for staying curious always.

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Saturday, 27.03.21
10:00 • 2,5H

Yoga for Flexible People: Hypermobility and how to practice yoga safely

So you’re really flexible, and people tell you you’re “good” at yoga. Maybe your yoga teacher praises you and always pulls you deeper into stretches. Maybe you are a yoga teacher with some hyper-flexible students. But being too flexible without the strength to balance it can be detrimental.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn about how to practice asana safely in a body that is already very flexible.

Learn about what it means to be hypermobile and hyperflexible, how that doesn’t mean you’re not stiff in some areas, and how you’re basically a super human trainee if you learn to practice with the right muscle activation.

Saturday, 27.03.21
17:00 • 2,5H

Put Your Backbend Into It

Let’s redefine the backbend and understand how it fits in the modern world. In this workshop we will look at the anatomy of a healthy, safe, and empowering backbend and how this relates to the posture we take to our yoga practice from our modern lifestyles. This is a workshop for anyone wanting to take their backbends to the next level, knowing that doesn’t necessarily mean going deeper. We will explore some fun but challenging movements in ways that empower and strengthen, and build self-trust. As with all workshops with Adell, this will give you tools and tips to take into your existing yoga practice so you can carry on implementing what you learn in this workshop for weeks, months, and years to come!

Sunday, 28.03.21
10:00 • 2,5H

Get More Hangtime (Handstands for intermediate – advanced)

So you can handstand…kind of. You’re getting up there, but it’s shaky and wobbly and you still fall out of it more often than choosing to come down. In this workshop we will look at why you’re not getting more hang time, and learn techniques for taking control of your movement! By incorporating drills and techniques into typical yoga postures and transitions, you’ll build the strength and control as you flow through your vinyasas and warriors. Get ready to have lots of fun with transitioning, pressing, and floating in and out of your handstands!

Sunday, 28.03.21
15:00 • 2,5H

Holla Hollowback

The hollowback shape is a variation of heart opening postures that can open up spaces in the body neglected by many traditional backbends. In this workshop we will unlock the upper back, chest, and shoulders and move through the many variations of a hollowback. With many examples and tips for adding these into your practice, you may begin to see ALL of your backbends transform!

Costs & Registration:

Early Bird – until 31.12.2020 – 70€ per workshop or 240€ for them all

Normal Rate – 01.01.2021 on – Each workshop is 85€. If you purchase all 4 workshops, it would be 290€ for everything!

Taxes are included, receipts will be provided.

Cancellation Policy:

We don’t process any refunds, but you can “transfer” your ticket to your friend.

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