Anja Kursawe

Anja Kursawe

Berlin, Germany

Anja Kursawe is an internationally recognized, passionate, innately talented teacher with a deep empathy for the human being as an individual. Her deep passion for bodywork has been there since a very young age when she was an acrobat and later became a professional dancer. This is when she was first introduced to Pilates and Yoga. Numerous advanced trainings in Pilates, Yoga, body psychotherapy, voice and sound work and many other areas followed and the interplay between body and mind grew strong. She is constantly fine tuning, integrating and improving her methods for well being, growing and connecting with oneself.

With over 20 years of experience of supporting people from different fields of life, Anja is able to recognize the most important resources and challenges and can cater to them intuitively and individually. Anja’s teaching is integrative, beyond classical forms of teaching Yoga or Pilates and always tuned in with the person in front of her. Besides amazing teachers from many fields, Anja considers her students and life the greatest teachers, and is never shy of listening, learning and growing.

In Berlin, Anja owns and runs a successful Pilates and Yoga studio – the pilateslab-berlin and bodyinsight-anjak. She has been awarded with the NEOS AWARD 2017 for the best personal Training in the field of bodywork. She is one of the presenters of Elysia Yoga convention on Amorgos, leads retreats and works as a visiting specialist for the Aman resorts.

“The constant deepening of our body awareness, the ambition of living a more conscious life, the further empowerment of our mind are part of a journey that never ends. If we remain open in our hearts, with ourselves and others we have the opportunity to rediscover the very essence that makes us who we are.”

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Sunday, 21.06
09:00 • 150 MIN
Inner Peace, Outer Grace

Anja´s classes take you on an inner journey, which culminates in the outward expression through the breath, movement, and the interplay between the two. Find your inner peace and outer grace, and an overall the connection to yourself.