Annika Isterling

Annika Isterling

Alignment Flow
Hamburg, Germany

Annika’s first yoga class took place in New York and came as a shock – nonetheless, she was fascinated. A few years later in Barcelona she tried out Ashtanga yoga and got thrilled. She quickly developed a daily practice, a desire to teach (she did Ashtanga Teacher Training with Mark Darby in 2005), and since her trip to Mysore in India – a home-practice too.

Upon her return back to Germany, after 10 years of traveling the world and working as a model, Annika  became acquainted with Anusara Yoga. Feeling enthusiastic about this method, she took a teacher training with Lallas & Vilas in 2006 and again between 2007 and 2009, as well as other immersion programs.

Annika has a passion for learning and she continues to deepen her knowledge through various study methods and trainings with world-famous yoga teachers such as Mitchel Bleyer (Yoga Therapy Training), Noah Maze (various online seminars, mentorship programs), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy Trainings), Elena Brower (online coaching), and many others.

Now Annika lives with her family in Hamburg, teaches in two wonderful studios, gives private lessons, workshops, online courses, writes about “Yoga and life”, and organizes yoga retreats.

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Conference Schedule

25.05 17:45 • 90 MIN
Core Yoga

26.05 11:45 • 90 MIN
Grow your Roots

26.05 16:00 • 90 MIN
Mystic Flow