Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart

Ekhart Yoga
The Netherlands

Esther Ekhart is a long-time practitioner of yoga and meditation. She first became curious about yoga as a child, practicing with her mother who was a yoga teacher and a therapist. As of now, Esther has been teaching internationally for over 20 years.

Esther teaches and practises Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, meditation and pranayama. She threads years of experience as a therapist and ongoing spiritual studies into her teaching and aims to enable her students to see past their old stories, freeing them up to experience the truth – the moment as it is now.

As an avid student, Esther is continually evolving her own practice through further training and study. She has studied intensively with her teachers including Clive Sheridan, Sarah Powers, Clarity process teacher Taetske Kleijn, and meditation teacher Burgs. Esther is always open to questioning previous teaching methods including (if not especially) her own, and challenging herself, integrating new learning and insights into her classes.

Esther’s aim to share her love of yoga and to create positive change in the world remains at the heart of everything she does. She began creating online yoga videos back in 2008 before co-founding – an online yoga studio with world-class teachers, offering thousands of yoga and meditation classes for people to practice in the comfort of their own homes. She also loves to connect personally with her students all over the world at regular retreats, workshops, yoga festivals and teacher trainings.

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Conference Schedule

25.05 10:00 • 90 MIN
Yin/Yang Yoga: Dragon Dance

25.05 16:00 • 90 MIN
Hatha Flow: Free Your Fascia 

26.05 08:00 • 30 MIN
Calm a Restless Mind

26.05 11:45 • 90 MIN
Vinyasa Flow: Explore New Ways