Giusi Valentini

Giusi Valentini

Mindfulness Meditation

I started my career as freelance journalist in Germany, traveling the world for the past 20 years. Covering social and humanitarian issues, at some point I questioned the real impact of my job and found my own way to meditation, as a tool of observing my emotions and experiencing a kinder approach to myself and others. This life changing path led me to want to share this practise and make it accessible to anyone.

Today, as a Mindfulness Coach my mission is to sustain people in their journey to their own self. With compassion, self love and kindness, I guide meditations in three different languages to touch people hearts and let them tap into the same compassion, self love and kindness they strive to achieve.

I produce a weekly podcast called Happy Daily with guided meditations, coaching tipps and fempowerment interviews. As a Speaker, I guided a mindfulness meditation – for the first time in history – on a TEDx stage.

My motto: Anything can be an adventure. Just learn to surf the waves – and enjoy the ride.

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Sunday, 21.06
08:15 • 30 MIN
Mindfulness Meditation

Join Giusi for a morning full of mindfulness. It will help you to start the last day of the conference full of new energy and inspiration to lear and participate in the program!