Guy Landver

Guy Landver

Modular Synths

Guy started his musical studies at the age of seven, picking up classical guitar as his first instrument. A year later, after having moved to London with his family, Guy was accepted to the Royal College of Music. Upon completing his classical guitar exams, Guy chose to move on to playing Jazz and contemporary music. It was during that time that he also began to compose, focusing on composing for film and television.

He gained his Bachelor degree from the Academy of Music at Tel-Aviv University, studying composition and orchestral conducting under true masters of their crafts. Guy wrote compositions for a variety of classical ensembles, as well as modern, experimental, and the analogue electronic medium, which became inspirational to him, and was to uncover his true vocation as an ambient electronic music composer and performer.

His spectral interests lead him to construct his own modular synthesizer, which serves as a musical playground, to explore a wide palette of music and sound ideas, unbound by classical instruments or a classical framework. Some of his music has been released by FACT RECORDS. His first ambient album “Living in Loops” explored the dialectics between classical and electronic music through the use of atmospheric loops juxtaposed against classical instruments and harmonies. He is currently completing his new album, composed solely on the modular synth, exploring the fine line between intentional composition and generative music.

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24.05 22:00 • 60 MIN
Pink Klavier: Meditations