Jasmin Iranpour

Jasmin Iranpour

Yoga & FlowingArt
Horn Bad-Meinberg

Kai and Jasmine share a common vision: to share their experiences, to be souls, to practice yoga consciously and with ease, and to redefine every moment
and really live from the Now. Jasmine, with her Persian roots, Kai growing up in Japan, they both have shared many journeys and have an openness to new things.

For Kai and Jasmin, the practice can be light, playful, loud, quiet, meditative, dynamic and deep at the same time. Whether they are cooking, practicing yoga or leading self-experience workshops, for them – Everything is yoga, everything is One.

Both have spent a few years in the kitchen of the largest yoga center in Europe, and it quickly became clear that they wanted to spend their future with joint projects. The goal is clear: giving people the opportunity to feel good together under their leadership, to experience space and transformation.

Coming from the background of working in the Ayurvedic star kitchen and in the Yoga Vidya Horn Bad-Meinberg, now Jasmin teaches yoga classes, give coaching sessions and self-development seminars. Contemplation of the ego is accomplished via the delta system: characterized by the mind, the soul and the intellect.

Kai, with his roots in Zen Buddhism, creates a very special atmospheric depth with his warm voice and poetic words. He might do something unexpected to stay playful, in-tune with his inner child, free of blockages.

Together they organize the Xperience Festival and give workshops, seminars and yoga trips of all kinds.

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