jOjo Norell

jOjo Norell

Freemove & Ecstatic Dance

18 years ago jOjo Norell did the classical thing to do: he went to India, embarking on his own spiritual journey, and found Osho and the world of meditation. A few years later he discovered yoga and finally integrated it all when he started running. He founded Running Yoga in 2009 and has has ever since been running long distance marathons, running far and slow. Creating stillness in the mind gives him the feeling of being able to go on forever.

jOjo has been a DJ for the past 30 years and does DJ’s for the Freemove concept and Ecstatic Dance. Combining minimalistic electronics with world beats, he takes you on a sedative journey to the Unknown. He is also one of the organizers of Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival and Ängsbackas Yoga and Dance Easter Festival.

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