Katharina Middendorf

Katharina Middendorf

Nivata Yoga
Berlin, Germany

Katharina Middendorf has dedicated a tremendous amount of her work to the female aspect of Yoga, as a result popularizing Chandra Namaskar, The Moon Salutation, in the whole of Germany. She has published numerous articles in yoga magazines and various books.

Inspired by her personal experience and learnings through Satyananda Yoga system, Katharina has developed her own yoga sequences, such as nivata® namaskar – the “star salutation”, Götter-Yoga (Gods-yoga), and other techniques and exercises.

Katharina facilitates the nivata® teacher training, “Teacher of Stillness”, where she passes on to other teachers a unique mix of knowledge she has gained in the coarse of her studies and experiences.

Her personal story sets an example on how yoga can be a powerful tool in mastering transformational situations. As a medical healer for psychotherapy, she has a profound knowledge on yoga therapy. Her aim is to utilize this knowledge and experience towards the healing process of human beings.

Check out Katharina’s newest book – “Female Yoga“.

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Friday, 19.06
13:15 • 90 MIN
How to Write, Publish & Market Your Own Yoga Book

Join Katharina, a published writer of 7 books to her name and a beloved author appearing in a multitude of yoga and lifestyle magazines on a regular basis, who will share with you her secrets of how to write, publish, and market your own yoga book, inspiring you to take on this challenge while at the same time giving you the reality-check you would need to become truly successful in this field.

Friday, 19.06
15:15 • 90 MIN
Becoming a Yoga Teacher: How, Where, and Why?

In this panel, we will be discussing the multitude of possibilities when it comes to becoming a Yoga Teacher, going over the major themes, questions, and concerns. Why would you want to be a yoga teacher in the first place and do you have what it takes? Should you become a “certified” teacher? Should you follow a traditional lineage or somebody else’s recently invented method? Should you go to India, some exotic island, or your local studio/favourite teacher?

Saturday, 20.06
18:15 • 90 MIN
Female Yoga

In Female Yoga, Katharina combines the dynamic sequence of “Moon Salutation” as an expression of female polarity with the colorful palette of the 7 Chakras. Those looking for their own expression of womanhood in yoga will receive empathetic impulses combined with clear instructions.