Nina Adams

Nina Adams

Rocket Yoga

Nina Adams has practiced yoga for 15 years, of which she has served 11 as an instructor. Her studies began in New York, then continued in Puerto Rico, where she got certified by David Kyle, the closest student from Larry Schultz, the founder of Rocket Yoga.

With Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga as a background, Nina started to explore different styles, techniques and possibilities that could enrich her practice and teaching skills. As a teacher, she strives to offer not only the focus on the physical development of her students, but also on their general well-being from a holistic perspective. Exploring the more therapeutic aspects of yoga applied to people with physical disabilities, Nina participated in the Accessible Yoga Conference held in New York City, and recently she taught at the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

Nina enjoys her work profoundly and is constantly involved in the process of educating herself further in order to satisfy her innate curiosity and to be able to offer her students the best possible experience. She is currently studying astrology as a way of complementing her understanding of the human behavior from an esoteric perspective.

In addition, Nina is an entrepreneur: three years ago she developed a yoga bag brand called NYB, for which she designs & does handmade prototypes.

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Conference Schedule

25.05 11:45 • 90 MIN
Introduction to Rocket Yoga

25.05 17:45 • 90 MIN
Rocket Yoga: Going Upside-Down

26.05 11:45 • 90 MIN
Rocket Yoga: Blindfold Flow