Ralf Sturm

Ralf Sturm

Nivata Yoga & Meditation
Berlin, Germany

Ralf Sturm has been studying with meditation teachers from all over the world since since 2001. His own personal practice is based on the teachings and initiations from H.H. Dalai Lama, as well as the awareness and mindfulness techniques as received by Thich Nhat Hanh. Together with Katharina Middendorf, he conducts an annual Meditation Teacher Training every spring in Berlin. They also conduct silent retreats each fall in the countryside near Berlin. Ralf’s approach to meditation is based on emphasizing that there is no such thing as „failure“ in meditation. He encourages students and teachers alike to put self-compassion as a necessary component into the practice.

As a counsellor, Ralf has been working with people in distress for many years. With his profound knowledge on Yoga and philosophy, Ralf is a regular contributor to journals and magazines. Together with Katharina Middendorf, he published the book “Götter-Yoga“ („Yoga of the Gods”), showing how ancient legends and lore offer helpful advice int he context of modern life. In 2016 their book on relationships, “Bereit für die Liebe!“ (“Ready for Love! – If you think it is over, it’s just the beginning”), was presented to the public. They live as a family with four children and work as sex- and relationship counsellors in a private practice.

Check out Ralf’s newest book – “Happy-End im Kopfkino

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Sunday, 21.06
14:45 • 120 MIN
Happy End im Kopfkino

The Buddha already knew that many of our concerns and needs are based on thinking mistakes: how we see the world and how we respond to it often makes the difference between a happy or a more painful life. Based on ancient scriptures from Yoga and Buddhism, but interpreted in a modern and practical way, we get to know five typical thought traps, such as “My world is your world (everyone must take the same perspective as me), or” My will be done “(Only if everything is so running, as I imagine, I can be happy). Humorous and empathic, Ralf will help us to recognize in which patterns of thinking we are often entangled – and how we can free ourselves from it.