Three days of Berlin Yoga conference are behind me. I am tired but very relaxed and happy.

The conference was a great experience, thanks to everyone who was involved creating this event. I really enjoyed every minute of it.

If you missed it, don’t worry. There will be further chances to attend. Why you should consider joining the next time – here are five reasons:

  1. Variety of different styles 
    Most studios offer a limited amount of different styles and quite often students prefer to go to one studio. Fair point, since you go to the studio not only for the Yoga but also for the community. Familiar faces help to feel connected.
    But at a conference you can jump between very different stiles without any effort and without any commitment. Try it and see what happens. Just stay mindful. The program can be overwhelming. Chose wisely what you try. Have a balanced mix of Yin and Yang.  My favorite mix is: Yang style class, followed by lecture, followed by Yin /Slow flow/meditation style class to end the day.
    My highlights at the Berlin Yoga conference were a Zen influenced Vinyasa class followed by a Katonah Yoga class. I had zero experience with Zen or Katonah before. But both created quite a big interest in me. So it won’t be the last time for sure :-).
  2. Well-known teachers
    At conferences you can train with teachers who are very experienced and very well-known. They might inspire you by seeing things from an different angle. Here you have the chance to get a bit of their long experience of teaching. And they are all in one place! How often does that happen? It’s like meeting the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus together 😉
    Furthermore, you also get to chat to them after class – if you want. Get some tips or feedback about your practice.
    I was quite lucky as well to get after one of the classes a little 1:1 where we looked further into my alignment and what I can change to improve my well-being.
  3. Presenters, partners & exhibitors
    You don’t only find Yoga classes and workshops but also stands with everything about Yoga: Books, Equipment, clothing,  etc.
    I loved at the Berlin Yoga conference to try equipment like the headstand chair and browse through the Yoga and meditation related books. Followed by some super yummy vegan food.
  4. The community
    The perfect chance to meet new people who share the passion for Yoga. Perhaps you make new friends, perhaps you just have an interesting discussion with the person next to you on your mat. But connections with others is what defines us.
    I met old friends at the Berlin Yoga conference but was also able to establish new connections. Plus I just really enjoy to be surrounded by people with the same interests.
  5. Exploring a new city
    It’s always nice to attend a Yoga conference outside your normal comfort zone. Connect your next holiday for example with a Yoga conference. You will experience the city from a different angle, meet new people and different cultures.
    For me the Berlin Yoga Conference meant to travel to Berlin by myself – without my family. So a little bit of quality time just with myself (if you have kids – you know what I mean ;-)). Having a different environment around me, definitely changed my angle of perspective. It’s great to explore something new and you appreciate what you have way more when you come back.
    But of course, you also might join a Yoga conference in your own city. Still – you will practice in a different environment and therefore widen your comfort zone a bit.

So, hopefully we will see you next time on the Yoga conference, perhaps in Berlin (SAVE THE DATE 19.-21.06.2020) or somewhere else. 🙂