Being a new mum is not always easy. In the phase after birth, Yoga was a life saver in so many different ways. And 19 months later it still is. But keeping up (or starting over) a practice is not easy. Hopefully these tips will help you.

  1. Prioritize wisely! Ten minutes of Yoga might be more helpful than you think. Let the dishes be dishes for a while. If you have a moment of freedom – aka the baby is asleep in the cot or satisfied in the baby gym – use the time for yourself. Little breaks do make a difference.

  2. Have a little space always available for a Yoga routine. Baby is sleeping and you have a moment to yourself? Great! The only thing you need to do now is to place yourself on the mat – which is already laid out on the floor – ideally with access to some wall-space. Legs up the wall – hmmmmmm! This was my go to pose whenever I needed to recharge my batteries.

  3. Find your moment even in a loud and busy surrounding. You are waiting for the coffee to brew? Use these two minutes for a quick breathing exercise or shoulder stretch.

  4. Don’t push yourself. Yes, British Royals apparently can look stunning 7 hours after birth.  But honestly, I don’t want to know how Kate really felt at that moment. Anyway, you have been pregnant 9 months and it takes at least the same time to rebuild your body, not to mention that your energy levels vary a lot from day to day. Breast feeding, lack of sleep, recovering from birth, hormonal changes, all these things can weaken you. So work with your energy levels and not against them. You need to take care of yourself not “only” the baby.

  5. Build up slowly. As soon as you have the OK from your doctor to exercise again (don’t start until at least 6 weeks post, or 8 weeks if you’ve had a C-Section), start easily. Your core and pelvic floor is still weak. If you are breastfeeding, you still have “relaxin” in your body. A hormone which makes everything in your body a bit softer. So build your core up gradually. And yes, pelvic floor exercises are not really that exciting, but a strong core depends on a healthy pelvic floor. And always be aware of engaging your core when lifting your little one.

  6. You can be mindful when you are not on your mat. Breastfeeding or rocking your baby can be used ideally for mindfulness and breathing exercises. Bring awareness to your breath. The benefit: you calm down and the baby will be influenced positively as well. And don’t underestimate the amount of time. Imagine you breathe mindfully for 30 min while breastfeeding 8 times a day, 7 days a week.

  7. You can also use these situations to be aware of your posture. We tend to round in the upper back a lot while breastfeeding. Lengthen your spine, broaden your collar bones with every inhale, release the lower ribs with the exhale.

  8. See if you can find a post-natal class in your neighbourhood. You will receive guidance from a trained teacher and meet other mums with babies.

Mareike 🙂