Jang-Ho Kim teaches us to find our true selves.

With years in martial arts, qi-gong, zen buddhism, and yoga Jang-Ho lights up the vinyasa practice with diverse experiences he has gained and learnings he has made. Tae Kwon Do gave him discipline and strength, Qi-Gong taught him how to control the energy and zen philosophy has been his mirror for his inner world.

“I just teach yoga in many variations with the aim to help the people dive deeper into love. Often it is a blend of yoga, qi-gong, zen, and poetry slam. I use the power of words and music to talk to the hearts of the people.”

At the Berlin Yoga Conference he will lead sessions which range from „Harnessing the Male Energy“ to „Vinyasa Blend Yoga & Qi-gong“, using his class titles as a way to attract different groups of students but keeping the classes similar at their very core. He uses his teaching as a stage to tell his personal story showing us that in our lives we take a very own path which is shaped by countless experiences that in the end make us the unique and free individual who we are.

“I am a yoga teacher but mostly I am a storyteller. My way of teaching yoga is all about sharing stories. The postures, transitions, breathing techniques and moments of relaxation in my classes are there to listen more easily to those stories with your body, mind, heart, and soul.”

With heart and soul, Jang-Ho accompanies the participants on their journey to the unknown inner universe. He preaches that anyone and anything is free, and that if we let go of everything we are clinging onto, we find the way to our true selves. He describes it as his mission to make us realize how unique we are and that we are all connected through shared empathy.

Jang-Ho will teach on all three days of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
Find his schedule here.

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