Sonia Taylor Bach is the director of movement culture at the yogaloft cologne. With a masters degree in philosophy & a former professional jazz musician, Sonia became deeply involved in yoga and movement over 20 years ago. Her goal is to drive you to extract more from your practice and more from your life: an honest you, built by new insights, resulting in a clear-cut representation of who you truly are.

Yoga simply helps to transform and grow into something bigger than yourself. Once the giant within you is awakened your universe begins to unfold and you know from the chambers of all your depths everything is exactly as it should be.

As an authentic, poetic and persistent instructor, she guides us through an informative practice of delicate movement with fierce, grace and focus; while inspiring attention to the details, transitions and to the precious subtleties of movement culture. Sonia’s sessions focus on innovative combinations of poses and exercises, mind introspection. They offer new challenges, new perspectives and are composed to build momentum for the next experience to come. In these moving conversations she prioritizes transitioning and mobility; rather than being obsessed with the arrival, we are led to focus on the quality of entry and exit from one form to the other.

In her workshop Pause! Seal the Deal we will learn to be proud of our victories, failures, progress and scars. She wants to show us that none of us are broken beyond repair and that we have to put our shared experiences in life into new and useful, inspiring perspectives.

Life is full of fleeting moments with tangible impacts. Yoga, this exquisite moving formula sharpens our senses and awareness to be present within the complexity of it all. As ideas and visions enter our system, it is our responsibility to cultivate them into action, thus, living to our fullest potential, recognizing our boundless nature. It is one thing to come to understanding the depths of your being in this world and another to own it. this is what sets us free and liberates us internally.

Sonia will teach on all three days of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
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