our event

We’re an international yoga and mindfulness conference that brings together top quality teachers for in-depth workshops, masterclasses, lectures, panels, and discussions, with a goal to share knowledge, ideas, tools and techniques on the issues around the yoga practice in particular and living an enlightened life in general.

At our event, You Will

▵   Try out new styles, methods, and techniques
▵   Learn from the international masters & experts
▵   Come in touch with latest issues & trends
▵   Enjoy, celebrate & have a great time together

▵   Dive deeper into a specific topic of interest & expertise
▵   Make new insights & connections between disciplines
▵   Meet amazing people from around the world
▵   Network & expand on your community reach

our Common Vision

Focus on Depth over Breadth

We give our teachers an opportunity to present their teachings to the fullest extend through various formats

Balance between Modern & Traditional

Although we approach yoga from a modern perspective, we still appreciate the ancient wisdom and the roots of the system

Fairness towards Local versus Global

We invite Berlin, German, and International yoga teachers

Going Beyond the Physical

We provide high quality yoga workshops and masterclasses that challenge you to feel into the subtler aspects behind the practice

Authentic Industry Voice

We provide a platform to dive into the important topics around the yoga industry

Our Team

Anastasia Shevchenko

Anastasia Shevchenko | Founder & Manager

Anastasia was born in Ukraine, grew up in Canada, and now she lives in Germany. She started practicing Hatha yoga at the age of 15 back in 2003 after being diagnosed with scoliosis. Through a disciplined practice, Anastasia learned first-hand the self-healing aspect behind yoga, that was tested once more after an accident that left her with a broken and paralyzed arm when she was 19.

Shortly after moving to Germany in 2013, Anastasia completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, followed by an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher’s Intensive in 2014 and an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Ever since, she has been teaching classes, workshops, and giving lectures on yoga philosophy. Anastasia’s favorite topics of research are connected to Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western Philosophy, Buddhism, and Nutrition. 

Having studied design, holding a bachelor in Communications, and co-producing an arts festival in Berlin, Anastasia decided to turn her skills and experiences towards creating a new type of yoga event that would motivate and inspire people to take up the yoga path and use it for their self-healing, self-development, and self-transformation.

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Juliette van der Weijde

Juliette van der Weijde | Production Manager

Juliette is a Dutch sunshine spirit. Passionate about Yoga and Breathwork.
More than 10 years of Yoga experience, in the past years mostly Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore style and Prana Vashya, the Dynamic Yoga developed by her teacher in India. Her Vinyasa Flow classes focus on creating stability in the body.
Move in alignment with your breath, to become steady and comfortable in any posture and beyond (off the mat). Hatha-Vinyasa style with elements from the functional movement scene. Many variations to challenge more experienced students.

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Nica Agapova

Nica Agapova | Community & Partnerships

Nica Agapova is the founder and the managing director of Yoagna Yoga Studio in Duisburg, Germany. She developed and teaches an approach to yoga, by means of which you can quickly develop body sensitivity, connect your body and mind, the body and the emotions, and live a brighter and more satisfying life. Nadezda is also the founder of YogaCycling and Bailkalsee Yogareise.

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Sabrina Klaubert

Sabrina Klaubert | Partnerships & Collaborations

Sabrina is a passionate and dedicated practicioner of Yoga and on a continuous journey toward more love and connection. It is especially the practice of Yin Yoga and the power of Sound Healing that allows her to find comfort in body and mind – this is also what she loves sharing through her teachings. For the past 6 years, Sabrina has been living, working and studying across multiple continents. It is her vision to combine her academic background at Copenhagen Business School, international working experience in multinational organizations as well as start-ups, with the power and wisdom rooted within the teachings of Yoga and Sound to foster more kindness and connection.

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Rebekka Weber | Sponsorships & PR

Rebekka, is a German in her early thirties currently living on Mallorca, who wants to spread her passion for Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle.

After finishing her Apprenticeship and Bachelor Degree in Accounting & Taxation, she worked several years at a university in a special department for Accounting until 2013. The next 6 years she lived in Abu Dhabi, where she started her yoga journey. In 2018 she did a Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Cologne.

Rebekka believes in the importance of developing a healthy relationship with the body. She is a proponent of Self-empowerment as a means to protect the soul and stay healthy. To deepen her knowledge on latter topic, Rebekka finished her Personal Trainer Certificate in 2017 at the academy for Sport & Health in Cologne.

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Christina Hug

Christina Hug | Teacher Support

Christina has her second home in India, where she had moved to live and work for Greenpeace and besides that found yoga. She explored the practices of several traditions before studying in depth with the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai. After finding out about T. Krishnamacharya, she was literally drawn to learn at the center and Desikachar’s no-nonsense style of teaching deeply resonated with her. KYM’s teacher training provided a comprehensive foundation in both the theoretical understanding and practical application of yoga. Although the classes in Vedic Chanting have initially been her least favorite, the subject grew on her so much, that she decided to participate in the International Teacher Training in Healing Chants. The fascination for the Sanskrit language, Vedic texts and deeply rooted sounds has only multiplied since then and she loves sharing it. Christina also studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore at the KPJAYI with R. Sharath Jois and Sri BNS Iyengar.

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Lisette Sifon

Lisette Sifon | German Partnerships

Lisette lives in Berlin and is a yoga teacher with passion and love for the tradition. She first came in contact with yoga through her Chilean mother who taught it. In an intuitive way, Lisette conveys her extensive experience around the topic of a healthy body and mind.

Lisette’s original yoga style is Anusara®Yoga. She also has expanded / supplemented her practice with hormone yoga, her heart project, which is aimed specifically at women with hormonal imbalance such as cycle problems, women who desire to have children or suffer from menopause problems. Her vision and expertise is to naturally lead women back to their own elemental force. For this she gives every year severals hormone yoga workshops that you can find online.

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Christina Schramke

Christina Schramke | International Partnerships

Chrissy grew up in New Jersey, U.S.A., a competitive athlete. In order to balance out strenuous training and a couple injuries, she started practicing yoga in 2007. Since then, she’s grown to appreciate the multi-dimensional aspects of yoga beyond the physical practice, especially now as a business professional working in often stressful environments.

Having such a positive experience with yoga over the years, and wanting to share the experience with others, she will be completing 375 hours as a certified Jivamukti teacher in February 2020.

Living in Berlin since 2017, Chrissy is thrilled to be a part of the BYC team and contribute her professional knowledge to the organization while continuing to build it to become a diverse, international network.


Jana Stolz

Jana Stolz | Social Media & Blog

With a degree in Multilingual Communications and previous jobs at startups and corporates, Jana now works as a remote freelancer at social-impact projects that help tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time. She is constantly on the quest of finding new initiatives to engage in and contribute to with her experience in managing creative processes and teams, developing strategic communications, as well as creating engaging content. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness is what her peers value most.

Back when she was still studying, Jana found her passion for yoga and has since then stuck to practising and challenging herself consistently. She has been exploring different yoga and teachers in Berlin and abroad besides her own yoga practice at home. In 2020, Jana aims to complete her 200-hour YTT in India.

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Lee-Mei Con

Lee-Mei Con | Content Creation & Media Partnerships

Lee is a Swedish born Yoga Teacher since 2016 and graduated in Business Administration at Stockholm University 2020. With a diverse cultural background, both Hispanic and Chinese, her curiosity brought many abroad opportunities for self-development through enlightening experiences.
Her first encounter with Yoga was in her early teenage years when living in Cadiz. By being the foreign girl with a diverse ethnicity in a southern city in Spain, she had the ability to adapt to any social group while not fully belonging anywhere. Unconsciously, she was practising detachment and learnt the value of cultural appreciation.

The asana practice came into Lee’s life at the age of 17 years old when she would observe the dedicated yogis sharing their journey through social media. It was the trigger which led her to challenge herself to see how far she could get even after suffering from a car accident in 2012. After 2 years of practice, her then yoga teacher encouraged Lee to pursue her own path as a yoga teacher. The idea seen as a seed bloomed into reality when she finished her first 100h Vinyasa TT in Stockholm and started to teach right away.

In her study abroad year Lee did her exchange semester in Tokyo at Waseda University, then completed her 200h Ashtanga & Hatha TT in Rishikesh, India and moved to Berlin to work as the studio manager assistant at Yogatribe until august 2019. In her search for opportunities to put to practice academical knowledge whilst combining it with her passion, Yoga and Business, Lee aims to explore and learn in the global market to be part in shaping and contributing to the yoga industry.

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Julia Kaluzna

Julia Kaluzna | Content Creation & Partnerships

Julia is an international fitness trainer, meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator and a multi-disciplinary artist, who gained most of her professional experience in New York City, where she led classes for institutions like Google or Frequency Mind. She bases all of her work on a holistic approach using consciousness to fulfill the ultimate potential of the body, mind and the soul.

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Alina Hoyer | Graphic Design & Art Direction

Bureau Hoyer is a Berlin based graphic design and art direction studio, creating holistic visual solutions for clients across disciplines. Passionate about finding the best tools to execute content-driven visuals, the studio works as a creative partner in all aspects branding, bringing visual identities to life through thoughtfully crafted printed and digital implementations.

Half Bulgarian, half German, Alina grew up in Berlin and studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, before founding her studio in 2010. She also designs coins which appears in public places, such as the eagle for 5 euro coin.
Since 3 years Alina is dedicated to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

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