our event

We’re an international yoga and mindfulness conference that brings together top quality experts for in-depth workshops, masterclasses, and discussions, with a goal to share knowledge, means and techniques to live a healthier and more enlightened life.

Originally planned as a Hybrid event, as of May 2021, Berlin Yoga Conference July 9-11 2021 will be a Digital Event, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

At our event, You Will

▵   Try out new practices, approaches and techniques
▵   Learn from international experts and masters in the field
▵   Come in touch with latest ideas and developments
▵   Enjoy, celebrate & have a great time together 

▵   Discover and dive deeper into specific topics of interest 
▵   Make new insights & connections between disciplines
▵   Meet amazing people from all around the world
▵   Network & expand on your community reach

our Common Vision

We Focus on Depth over Breadth

You will be able to dive deeper into your practice and specific topics of interest

We Balance Between Modern & Traditional

You will be exposed to time-proven yoga practices using modern language and scientific approach

We Align with Your Goals & Needs

You are encouraged to let us know what content you would like to see in the program

Going Beyond the Physical

You will be exposed to both physical, performance-driven classes, in harmony with the more subtle, mind and human bioenergetics-oriented content

We Provide Authentic Industry Voice

You will be meeting international world-renowned experts in the field, as well as industry and community leaders

Our Team

Anastasia Shevchenko

Anastasia Shevchenko | Founder & Production Manager

Anastasia was born in Ukraine, grew up in Canada, and now she lives with her family in Germany. She started practicing Hatha yoga at the age of 15 back in 2003 after being diagnosed with scoliosis. Through disciplined 18 years of practice, Anastasia experienced first-hand the healing, empowering, transformative, and life-changing effects of yoga & mindfulness.

Shortly after moving to Germany in 2013, Anastasia completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, followed by an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher’s Intensive in 2014 and an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Since 2020, Anastasia quit Ashtanga yoga and developed her own style called Inner Core Yoga, in which she teaches online classes at international festival. Anastasia’s favorite topics of research are connected to Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western Philosophy, Buddhism, and Nutrition. 

Having studied design, holding a bachelor in Communications, co-producing an arts festival and consulting wellness-oriented projects, Anastasia turned her skills and experiences towards creating a new type of yoga event that would motivate and inspire people to use yoga & mindfulness for self-healing, self-development, and self-transformation.

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Juliette van der Weijde

Juliette van der Weijde | Event Coordinator

Juliette is a Dutch sunshine spirit. Passionate about Yoga and Breathwork.
More than 10 years of Yoga experience, in the past years mostly Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore style and Prana Vashya, the Dynamic Yoga developed by her teacher in India. Her Vinyasa Flow classes focus on creating stability in the body.
Move in alignment with your breath, to become steady and comfortable in any posture and beyond (off the mat). Hatha-Vinyasa style with elements from the functional movement scene. Many variations to challenge more experienced students.

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Olga Shibaeva

Olga Shibaeva | Team Coordinator

Olga was born and grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and moved to Germany in 2014. She came to her first yoga class out of curiosity, being sure she won’t like it. 10 years later she is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher. She fell in love with yoga and its philosophy.

Soon after moving to Germany she completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, yet her mind, body and soul came to a balance in Ashtanga Yoga – style that she was introduced to in 2013 and teaches since 2018.

She purely believes that asanas are not the ultimate goal of the practice but just a step-in into a whole new world, towards a more conscious living. Her inner strength paired with her faith simply takes you away and inspires to step on a yoga mat and become a better version of yourself.

Having a master degree and experience in PR and master degree (M.A.) in Management she was organizing a Yoga Conference on the south of Germany for the last three years and joined our team as a team coordinator in December 2020.

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Roman Shibaev

Roman Shibaev | Video & Tech Support

Roman was born in Russia and lives since 2010 in Germany. After working several years as an engineer, he grounded his film production company and met his wife, who introduced him to yoga.

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