Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an opportunity to support the Berlin Yoga Conference, please considering become an ambassador and receive a commission the ticket sales.

How does it work?

You can receive a commission on each ticket sold by using a special code. The code will be split between a small discount to your community and the amount that you receive on the ticket sold.  Our system can track down your performance by showing us the tickets sold through your special discount code. You get quarterly pay-outs.

Discounts VS Commissions

Your discount code will give your community a 10% off any ticket type and you will receive a 10% commission on the ticket sold, after the discount applied of course.

Promo materials for your use

We provide you our logo and that year’s poster design, stickers and flyers, FB/IG posts with images and texts ready to use and send out via Newsletter, and you can also generate your own designs by making screenshots from our website.

Your own ticket to the Conference:

Once you reach a total of 7 x 3-Day tickets sold, you will get your own 3-Day ticket, on top of the commission we pay you off each ticket sold. Alternatively, you can exchange 5 x 3-Day tickets sold for your own 3-Day ticker, but no commission.

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