Affiliate Program

We offer an opportunity to individuals and organizations to participate in the community building for our event, sharing in our vision, goals and success!

How does it work? There are 2 Options:

1. When you’re prepared to process the payments:

You receive a 20% commission on each ticket sold, taking in the payments through your own means, and then you pay us back the amount due minus your commission. Note: you don’t need to pay VAT tax if you take and release the payment right away. Only we pay the VAT on the tickets sold! Also, to simplify your accounting, you can choose to take payments in cash and/or via PayPal.

That amounts to:

Day1-3 Pass: 190€ -> 38€
Day 2 Pass: 210€ ->42€
3-Day Pass: 350€ -> 70€

After you take the payment for a ticket, we send the e-ticket to the buyer via email, once you process the payment for the ticket back to us minus your commission. So, when you sell the ticket, you would need to take the following info and ask for the permission to share it with us: Full Name (First and Last) and their email address.

2. When you don’t want to deal with the payments:

You can receive a commission on each ticket sold through our ticketing platform PayLogic. In this case, you would need to split your commission into a discount for your community and whatever is left after the discount amount you receive as a pay out to you. You would need to create your own unique voucher code that we put into the system ourselves and use to track down the orders that you have brought, and we do the pay-outs on a regular basis agreed upon in advance with you.

Discounts and Commissions

You can choose to offer discounts to your community via a special voucher code. Notice however, that if you offer 10% discount, your commission would drop to 10% accordingly.

Promo materials for your use

To help you sell the tickets, we’ve prepared promo materials that you can use to let your community know about the event, such as: a poster for your studio, some stickers and flyers, FB/IG posts with images and texts ready to use and send out via Newsletter, etc.

Your own ticket to the Conference:

You can choose to exchange your commission for a minimum of 5 X 3-Day passes sold. In this case you get your 3-Day pass, but no commission on the 5 X 3-Day passes you sold.

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