Affiliate Program

We offer an opportunity to individuals, studios, and yoga organizations to participate in the community building for our event, sharing our common vision, goals and success!

How does it work?

You receive a 20% commission on each ticket sold that you take the money for through your own means and then you pay us back the amount due after the commission deducted.

That amounts to:

Day Pass: 160€ -> 32€
3-Day Pass: 290€ -> 58€

Notice, this year we don’t offer any special discounts for our partner.

When you sell a ticket, we send the e-ticket to the buyer via email. So, when you take the payment, you would need to take in the following info and ask for the permission to share it with us: Full Name (First and Last) and email address.

All payments will be processed monthly. You tell us how many and what type of tickets you sold, providing us with all the names and emails of the buyers so that we can send them their corresponding e-tickets, and we send you the invoice for the amount due minus your commission of 20%.

It’s that easy!

To help you sell the tickets, we will prepare the promo materials that you can use to let your community know about the event, such as: a poster for your studio, flyers, FB/IG posts with images and texts ready to use, etc.


If you manage to sell 20 X 3-DAY passes before the end of the year (31.12.19), on top of your 20% commission on each of the 20 tickets (which would amount to 1,160€), you get a bonus of 300€ and a 3-Day VIP pass to participate in the event as our Key Affiliate.

NOTICE: there is no financial risk involved since you’re not asked to purchase our tickets and sell them later. Instead, we offer you a chance to make money each time you help us!

If you’re interested to sign up for the Program, please let us know and we send you the contract and the promotional materials.

Why should you care to participate?

Aside from making money from this (financial reward), you get to participate in Berlin’s major international yoga happening for industry professionals. Our 2020 topic of discussion is ETHICS, DIVERSITY, and SOCIAL MEDIA. We will be looking at the yoga industry and how these 3 topics will be influencing and changing the future of modern yoga. We invite you to participate and shape this future together!

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