As a part of my work on the Berlin Yoga Conference, I have a chance to meet and connect with other yoga event organizers across Europe. What astonishes me every time is the realization of how much in common we all share. We are usually the kind of people who very passionate about yoga with an obvious desire to spread its message among the community. We are all these kind of hospitable, generous, and kind people who love it to be of service to others, especially when it comes to making a world a better place through our work. Finally, we are all facing the same dilemmas, challenges, and fight the same battles, which convinces me time after time about the importance of sticking together and helping each other, instead of seeing each other as “competitors”, as a threat.

So today I’m very happy to share with you the story of the latest addition to the festival organizer’s network, Mat Turner, a person who likes to go by the nick name a “peaceful warrior”.

Q: What kind of person is someone who is a “peaceful warrior”?

A: A Peaceful Warrior is someone who like millions of others have suffered from a trauma or mental health issues, who is a fighter, a rebel, a person whose goal is to find a way towards peace and balance of the mind, using the alternative [healing modalities] instead of pharmaceuticals. A peaceful warrior is humble and thankful: he has a lot of gratitude towards all the people who have given him the tools to embark on the journey of self-development and healthier lifestyle.

Q: How did your journey in yoga/spirituality begin?

A: My journey began in 2017 after suffering a depression for almost 20 years. I decided to turn my life upside down: I gave away all of my possessions and went traveling using the Workaway volunteer program. Actually, I found and fell in love with Yoga in 2016 while working at Aegialis Hotel and Spa Amorgos Greece.

Q: What kind of yoga/mindfulness/spiritual methods do you practice on a daily basis?

A: I practice Vinayasa Yoga daily and meditate twice a day.

Q: What are the most important lessons of yoga/spirituality for you?

A: The most important lessons I have learned are: yoga is not about some type of physical ability. Yoga, along with meditation, is a beautiful tool to use in order to calm the chatter of the mind.

A: I love to organize events, my main event being ELYSIA Yoga Convention that aims at bringing together like minded and knowledgeable people together in order to exchange ideas about life and to educate [yoga] students from around the world.


ElYSIA Yoga Conveention is coming up on 29.03-04.04. More infos on the website.