Photo: Form on Unsplash

Berlin Yoga Conference launches an Ambassador Program!

Berlin Yoga Conference is launching an Ambassador Program with an aim to boost the exposure and let more yogis out there in the world known what is cooking for the May 24-26 2019.

1. What is it?

For our Ambassador Program, we’re looking to set up a team of 5-10 individuals who are passionate about yoga, share our values & goals, and want to establish a long-term relationship with us

2. Who can join?

The Ambassador Program is open to yogis from all over the world, but make sure you read and understand the conditions that apply (see below).

3. Why should you?

The Ambassador Program offers the following benefits: free VIP Berlin Yoga Conference 2019 3-Day Pass, a paid trip (all inclusive) to Berlin, exclusive networking opportunities, on-going official website and social media exposure and presence, future presenting and employment opportunities

4. What are the rules?

To join our Ambassador Program you need to understand the conditions for joining our team and the conditions for the program (see below), as well as to be committed to pursue our vision & goals

5. How to join?

Send us an e-mail with your short bio, accompanied by your resume and any appropriate web/social media links, as well as some infos as to why you would like to join our Ambassador Program

Berlin Yoga Conference Ambassador Program Conditions:

As an ambassador for the Berlin Yoga Conference, we ask you to subscribe* a minimum of 10 people (if you’re in Europe) and 20 people (for the rest of the world) until the end of 2018

*By subscribe we mean getting these 10/20 people to purchase the 3-Day pass for the conference

We provide you with the promo code to offer “your” people a special 10% discount to the current price

How you subscribe these people, how much you spread the word about the conference, and in which format is completely up to you, as long as it “does the job”