In the series of “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, this article is dedicated to Mark Walsh and the approach he developed called “Embodied Yoga Principles”.

I first met Mark in Stockholm at the Yoga Dance Festival in November, having had the opportunity to teach there myself, I took Mark’s masterclass and was blown away by ont he one hand, the simplicity of the methods, and on the other hand, by the psychological depth and the endless possibilities of practical application of what Mark was teaching.

Photo curtesy of Mark Walsh

Some background information first.

When I first planned the program for the Berlin Yoga Conference, I invited teachers exclusively from out of town. My idea for this was the following: Berliners already had access to these amazing Berlin teachers, so why not bring the teachers from other cities and countries then? Furthermore, I even set a specific ration of national (German) VS international (from outside of Germany and Europe) teachers to be 50/50, which is still very much the case.

However, with time I realized that my thinking was not wholistic. Since I wanted this to become an international yoga event that reflects on the local yoga community, I needed to get the Berlin teachers on board, to give them a chance to present themselves to an international audience and to get them involved in this major Berlin yoga happening. This is how the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program was born.

Photo curtesy of Mark Walsh

MARK WALSH | Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher & Facilitator

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning. He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, Embodied Yoga Principles, The Embodiment Podcast and The Embodiment Conference. He has taught in fifty countries and made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel that has over 13 million hits.

He has a degree in psychology, 20 years yoga experience, an aikido black-belt and has trained with various body-mind masters and in various approaches, including Non Violent Communication, body psychotherapy and meditation. His corporate clients have included Ikea, Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic, Shell and The House of Lords. He has also worked with peace and trauma projects in Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, East Africa and with the Sierra Leonian Army. Blah, blah, blah.

Photo curtesy of Mark Walsh

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

Mark will be teaching the following class at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26:

Embodied Yoga Principles | 16:15-17:45 | Sunday, 26.05

A pragmatic workshop focusing on getting yoga “off the mat” to impact your whole life. An introduction to the Embodied Yoga Principles method. As well as practical tools you can take away, we’ll be looking at deepening the psychological aspects of asana and this may be emotionally intense. There’s also social interaction and bad jokes…so be warned. Expect novel postures and methods, anarchic fun and a really really good looking modest teacher. We’ll explore purpose, money, attraction, politics and all the interesting stuff. 

If you think Instagram is full of unicorn-shagging pretentious and shallow BS, and want a fun, refreshing, actually useful change, then come. If you just want to get really bendy, perfect your downward dog and pretend that you’re spiritual in Bali…then don’t bother 🙂