Today, as a part of the series of posts about our Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program entitled “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, I would like to present to you Giusi Valentini.

Some background information first.

When I first planned the program for the Berlin Yoga Conference, I invited teachers exclusively from out of town. My idea for this was the following: Berliners already had access to these amazing Berlin teachers, so why not bring the teachers from other cities and countries then? Furthermore, I even set a specific ration of national (German) VS international (from outside of Germany and Europe) teachers to be 50/50, which is still very much the case.

However, with time I realized that my thinking was not wholistic. Since I wanted this to become an international yoga event that reflects on the local yoga community, I needed to get the Berlin teachers on board, to give them a chance to present themselves to an international audience and to get them involved in this major Berlin yoga happening. This is how the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program was born.

Where we are now.

Please meet Giusi Valentini, a mindfulness coach and podcast host based in Berlin. Originally from Italy, Giusi’s example is a reflection of the city’s vibrant and thriving cosmopolitan vibe.

Photo curtesy of Giusi Valentini

GIUSI VALENTINI | Meditation Teacher | Podcast Happy Daily

I started my career as freelance journalist in Germany, traveling the world for the past 20 years. Covering social and humanitarian issues, at some point I questioned the real impact of my job and found my own way to meditation, as a tool of observing my emotions and experiencing a kinder approach to myself and others. This life changing path led me to want to share this practise and make it accessible to anyone.

Today, as a Mindfulness Coach, my mission is to sustain people in their journey to their own self. With compassion, self love and kindness, I guide meditations in three different languages to touch people’s hearts and to let them tap into the same compassion, self love and kindness they strive to achieve.

I produce a weekly podcast called Happy Daily with guided meditations, coaching tips and fempowerment interviews. As a Speaker, I guided a mindfulness meditation – for the first time in history – on a TEDx stage.

My motto: Anything can be an adventure. Just learn to surf the waves – and enjoy the ride.

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

Guisi will be teaching the following workshop at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26 2019:

Photo curtesy of Giusi Valentini

Guided Meditation | 9:00-9:30 | Friday, 25.05

Come and join Giusi for a guided mindfulness meditation to kick off the Berlin Yoga Conference. Giusi will help you to prepare for the weekend full of happenings, inspiring classes, talks, people, and performances. What could be the better way to start than by sitting together and tuning into our hearts and minds?