I’m especially excited to present to you this edition in the series of posts about our Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program entitled “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, with this article dedicated to our very special partner BECYCLE.

Some background information first.

When I first planned the program for the Berlin Yoga Conference, I invited teachers exclusively from out of town. My idea for this was the following: Berliners already had access to these amazing Berlin teachers, so why not bring the teachers from other cities and countries then? Furthermore, I even set a specific ration of national (German) VS international (from outside of Germany and Europe) teachers to be 50/50, which is still very much the case.

However, with time I realized that my thinking was not wholistic. Since I wanted this to become an international yoga event that reflects on the local yoga community, I needed to get the Berlin teachers on board, to give them a chance to present themselves to an international audience and to get them involved in this major Berlin yoga happening. This is how the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program was born.

Where we are now.

Our partnership with BECYCLE started a very long time ago, almost as long as the Berlin Yoga Conference project has been running. Located in Berlin Mitte, this boutique fitness studio is just a few steps away from my house and I pass it daily on several occasions. I always see people coming in and out of the studio, enjoying the cafe nearby (My Goodness), or working on their laptops through the window.

BECYCLE offers short yet intense classes featuring cycling, Barre, HIIT, and different types of yoga. They are known for a friendly member community, relaxed atmosphere, high quality trainers, and motivating playlists.

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

In the light of our partnership, BECYCLE will offer the following 3 masterclasses at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26 2019

Photo courtesy of Nadia Dassouki

TWIST & DETOX – with Nadia Dassouki | 14:00-15:15 on Friday, 24.05

A detox doesn’t always mean a rigorous diet, juice fast, or ingesting a combination of nauseating herbs. You can detox through yoga too, with a practice that’ll leave you feeling cleaner on the inside and more energetic on the outside. After some purifying breath work we will continue to move through a well thought out sequence to stimulate our metabolism and massage our inner organs. Be ready to twist it out and build strength as you give your digestive system a natural boost!

About Nadia

After living in NYC and LA for many years, Nadia finally decided to venture back to her roots and made Berlin her new home base. The strength, focus and spiritual guidance is something she loves sharing with her students. Nadia teaches at BECYCLE Berlin is a certified 500hr YT with 15 years of experience as a yoga student. (She is also a professional model and actress.) She loves to laugh, eat, travel and create. You will mostly find her on her yoga mat, out in nature, at an airport or in her kitchen testing out a new all-natural DIY skincare recipe.

Photo curtesy of BECYCLE

FIRE IN YOUR CORE – with Shirah Perry | 11:00-12:00  on Saturday, 25.05

Light a fire in your core to discover lightness and freedom in your yoga practice. While refining the alignment of each asana, we will develop our deepest layers of core support and change the way our bodies experience our practice by cultivating both strength and ease in each asana. The development of a profound and deeply felt core stability empowers both mind and body to explore new and farther reaching places.

About Shirah

Shirah came to Berlin from NYC, where she spent years as a contemporary dancer and Pilates teacher. Her barre and yoga classes at BECYCLE Berlin are built on over 1000 hours of functional training in Pilates, Yoga, and Anatomy, plus a BFA in Ballet Pedagogy. She’s passionate that knowing your body is the key to loving your body, and her mission is to empower you to do just that. Expect plenty of adjustments, long holds, and lots of info about your form to help you work smarter and more effectively. Shirah will motivate you to connect your mind to your body – and then challenge and change them both!

Photo curtesy of Steph Cusack

PARTNER YOGA PLAY – with Steph Cusack | 11:30-12:30  on Sunday, 26.05

Celebrate the joy of practicing together in this fun yoga workshop with Steph, where you will learn to support each other in a series of partner stretches and balances. Set to deep house beats, this feel-good session is all about connecting to your fellow yogis, going deeper into your own practice and having a laugh! No partners required to join, open for all ages and levels of experience.

About Steph

Steph is an internationally trained yoga teacher at BECYCLE Berlin and a Nike Trainer, originally from sunny Sydney where she began practicing yoga as a young child. In her dynamic classes, workshops and wellness retreats around Europe, she combines mindful movement, breathing techniques and meditation to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Whether she’s teaching a powerful vinyasa flow, or a deeply restorative yin, Steph’s teachings are creative and intelligently designed for all levels to advance their physical and meditative practice.