I’m especially excited to present to you this article in the series of “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, dedicated to a dear friend, a valuable team member, and a remarkable individual and yoga teacher, Nica Agapova.

Photo curtesy of Nica Agapova

Some background information first.

When I first planned the program for the Berlin Yoga Conference, I invited teachers exclusively from out of town. My idea for this was the following: Berliners already had access to these amazing Berlin teachers, so why not bring the teachers from other cities and countries then? Furthermore, I even set a specific ration of national (German) VS international (from outside of Germany and Europe) teachers to be 50/50, which is still very much the case.

However, with time I realized that my thinking was not wholistic. Since I wanted this to become an international yoga event that reflects on the local yoga community, I needed to get the Berlin teachers on board, to give them a chance to present themselves to an international audience and to get them involved in this major Berlin yoga happening. This is how the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program was born.

Photo curtesy of Nica Agapova

NICA AGAPOVA | Certified Yoga  & Meditation Teacher

Nica practices yoga since 1999 and is teaching it since 2006. Her practice motivation is to bring the body and the mind into balance in particular, and to help people balance their everyday life in general. For Nica, this involves the development of a healthy body sensitivity with an open, awaken and clear mind.

Nica is always on the lookout for special practices, finding teachers that are often not very well-known but possess a deep well of knowledge. She focuses not only on Hatha Yoga technics, but is generally open to all the disciplines that work with the body and the mind: different spiritual philosophies (especially Tibetan buddhism), martial arts, healing massages, energy work, psychology, and the findings from the modern sciences such as physiology and neurology.

Nica Agapova is the founder and the managing director of Yoagna studio and Non-Stop Yoga Festivalin Duisburg, Germany. She is also the founder of YogaCycling and Baikalsee Yogareise as well as a fellow co-founder of the Yoga Teacher’s Helper Podcast series.

Photo curtesy of Nica Agapova

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

Nica will be teaching the following class at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26:

Energizing yoga for the body and the mind | 8:00-9:30 | Sunday, 26.05

What awaits you in this class: short movement sequences to awake your body and mind, lots of breathing exercises in staying, sitting and lying-down positions. Nica’s aim is to create a good start for your conference day and to share some uncommon (for modern time) practices of Hatha yoga.