We first met with Nico Streufert back in the early summer of 2018, at a playground. I remember that day very well, because it was such a beautiful day: it was warm, it was sunny, there were many happy, smiling people and kids running around, and that’s how I did my “business” meetings back in the day, in the company of my little ones.

I pitched him the Berlin Yoga Conference idea and he seemed very excited. He also felt like Berlin really needed an event like this. I think what really connected us in the end was a non-questionable and true dedication to the yoga path as a spiritual discipline, and a deep-seated desire to spread the teachings of the system in an authentic, engaging and meaningful way.

Nico Streufert is a long time yogi with quite a journey. Without re-reading his bio, which you have a chance to read below, just kind of remembering things off the top of my head, I remember that Nico started with hot yoga back when it was still very cool (I can say this, because I practiced and enjoyed Bikram yoga very much back in 2007-2008, before all the scandals and allegations). And then life has brought him to Sri Dharma Mittra who became his teacher and main source of inspiration ever since. Almost a 1000 of hours in Dharma Yoga Trainings behind him, now Nico owns Dharma Yoga Berlin studio, teaches numerous Teacher Trainings, and is definitely a person of many talents, with a fine taste for the philosophical and esoteric aspect of yoga.

Photo curtesy of Nico Streufert

Nico Streufert | Dharma Yoga Senior Practitioner & Advanced Teacher Trainer 

Nico Streufert is the founder of Dharma Yoga Berlin. After years in the Berlin Nightlife, Underground Art and the Alternative Music Scene, he discovered the Yoga discipline in the beginning of 2008 bringing health, harmony and balance in his life. Besides, he was always an adventurous person trying to find new challenges for his body and his mind [and Yoga certainly creates many opportunities for that!]

Bikram Hot Yoga was his first passion, where he found a practice to calm the mind and heal the body, but he found his real Guru in the year 2010 when Sri Dharma Mittra visited Berlin to give a series of workshops. Nico realized that Sri Dharma is a true source of knowledge and decided to become a Dharma Yoga Teacher. He took the 200, 500 and 800 hrs Dharma Yoga Teacher Training „Life of a Yogi“ and is now a senior Dharma Yoga Teacher. He founded Dharma Yoga Berlin in the beginning of 2016, where he is teaching beginner to advanced students on a daily basis. 

Another perspective that came into his teachings is the ancient shamanic wisdom of the different indigenous tribes of the world. He is a student of Chief Dancing Thunder, the medicine man from the Susquehannock tribe of North America, travelled with the Mongolian Shamaness Bulgan Windhorse to the sacred places of the Altai Mountains in central Asia and visited the Shipibo Shamans in Amazonia. Furthermore, he worked with different people of knowledge from all over the planet and got introduced to the Celtic Traditions of the Druids, the Secret Medicine Science of the Aztecs, the Church of Santeria and the Shamans of Siberia.

Combining the wisdom of all those different ways of knowledge, he always stays grounded and aware, that there are many ways but in the end it comes to one goal: the realization of your own true self. 

Workshops via the Black Star Tipi at the Berlin Yoga Conference

Nico will be hosting a series of yoga-related experiences as a part of the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival program. With 40 square meters available at his Black Star Tipi, Nico and his team will be guiding you through the following ongoing programs:

Come by and practice with Nico Streufert and his Dharma Yoga Team. You can join the festival program via the festival ticket of 69€ for all 3 days of the event.

Also, don’t forget our lead teacher for the Berlin Yoga Conference Ambra Vallo will be hosting a series of master classes at the event. There will be a chance to purchase individual workshops with your favourite teachers for an additional fee on top of your festival pass.