In the series of “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, this article is dedicated to a Yin Yoga class put together thanks to the support of the LOOXA Yoga Workbooks, featuring one of Croatia’s most beloved yoga teacher Ivana Crnčić.

Photo curtesy of Ivana Crnčić

Some background information first.

When I first planned the program for the Berlin Yoga Conference, I invited teachers exclusively from out of town. My idea for this was the following: Berliners already had access to these amazing Berlin teachers, so why not bring the teachers from other cities and countries then? Furthermore, I even set a specific ration of national (German) VS international (from outside of Germany and Europe) teachers to be 50/50, which is still very much the case.

However, with time I realized that my thinking was not wholistic. Since I wanted this to become an international yoga event that reflects on the local yoga community, I needed to get the Berlin teachers on board, to give them a chance to present themselves to an international audience and to get them involved in this major Berlin yoga happening. This is how the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference Festival Program was born.

Photo curtesy of Ivana Crnčić

IVANA CRNCIC | Yin Yoga Master Level Teacher from Croatia

Ivana Crnčić started her love affair with yoga 20 years ago. She is a Croatia based teacher and acts as Zagreb Yoga Center president, is a member of Croatian Yoga Association and the European Yoga Alliance, as well as working as a systemic constellation coach and regularly and passionately organizing workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. It’s been a long time since the mat has changed things and for the past decade she’s been devoted to teaching, allowing others to do the same returning the cosmic favor. As youth has its own inbuilt rebellion, wildness and overflowing energy, at the beginning she was exclusively interested in the more dynamic styles but, as life moved from one stage to another, motherhood opened up new horizons on every level by letting her discover the more tempered, slower and mindful aspects of yin which is the basis of her practice and teachings today. 

Ivana is a strong believer in change and mutation in allowing things to unfold and teach you so she believes that the practice of yoga as an all-encompassing practice can see us through our entire lives, even if we may change styles, adapt and explore here and there. Her aim as a teacher is to adjust the practice to each student individually since we all come to the mat with something different but so similar, needing specific things at specific times, in the illusion of our differentness.

Photo curtesy of Ivana Crnčić

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

Ivana will be teaching the following class at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26:

Yin Yoga with Ivana Crnčić & LOOXA yoga workbooks | 18:00-19:30 | Sunday, 26.05

Join us for a soft Yin class with the director of Zagreb Yoga Center (ZYC) and an experienced teacher, Ivana Crnčić, powered by the new guys on the (yoga) block “Looxa – yoga workbooks”. The 90 minute yin yoga exploration “Detecting and embracing our mental distractions through yin yoga practice” will set an intention to detect and embrace the distractions and compulsive patterns that arise and intrude upon our focus.