In the series of “Berlin Yoga Conference Presents”, this post is featuring Cornelia Brammen, the founder of the Yoga für Alle e.V., a nonprofit organization that specializes in social yoga.

Photo: Julia Schwendner

An Interview with Cornelia Brammen

Q: When did you first begin your yoga journey and why?

A: I started with yoga in 1987 when I was pregnant with my daughter Anne, who now is on the team of Yoga für alle e.V.:-) Life-circles. I felt that yoga would be a great way to live out my pregnancy consciously. Then times went by and I restarted with Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan in 2012 intensively, made the teacher training and founded Yoga für alle e.V. in 2014, to spread the light that yoga gave to me in the dark times.

Q: How has yoga benefited your life and why did you dedicate yourself to spreading yoga to others?

A: Yoga helped me to find out who I am and to become really Conny Brammen. As we say in Kundalini Yoga: I learned to listen to my soul and live my highest self more and more. Yoga gave me the power to find out and to do what I really want to do. That’s what I want to share with others.

Q: Since your work with the nonprofit organization Yoga für Alle e.V., you are involved with something called “Social Yoga”. Do you mind explaining what it is to those who have never heard about the concept?

A: Social yoga is yoga for people under the protection and therapeutic care of public or social organizations. We always cooperate with Beratungsstellen and institutions that are experts either for eating disorders, prisons, sorrow, psychological diseases, or refugees.

Q: What have been the most challenging circumstances or environment in which you have taught yoga before and how did you overcome the challenge?

A: The most challenging yoga class I ever gave was during G20 in Hamburg 2017 outside in a the urban gardening project. During the 90 minutes of the yoga class there where two police helicopters watching the big demonstration against Trump&Co. right above us. It was loud, it was threatening and the whole time I was afraid that the demonstration could be pushed to the place where we tried to create a space of peace during these terror hours. What happened was that the six persons doing yoga felt in a deep shavasana despite all of the challenging noise and atmosphere. It still provokes goose skin when I remember this astonishing experience.

Q: When someone wants to get involved with you organization, how should they proceed?

A: We made it very easy to get in touch with us and at the same time be DSGVO-safe. Just fill in our wonderful online form (clickable link)

Photo: Julia Schwendner


 Yoga für alle e.V. stands for social yoga – we make yoga accessible to all people who would otherwise not gain access to yoga practice and teaching. Our goal is to pass on the light and THE strength of yoga through qualified yoga teachers to people in the care of a social or state institutions so that they can benefit from its health-enhancing effect. We work closely together with non-profit institutions that provide competent care for people suffering from depression, trauma, grief, eating disorders or who find themselves in other difficult circumstances. We are their contact for qualified, psychosensitive yoga. 
Yoga für alle e.V. is mainly active in places where so-called city groups, i.e. groups of volunteers and yoga teachers, have formed: Hamburg (headquarters), Berlin, Bochum, Bremen, Munich, Cologne and Sylt.
Photo curtesy of Yoga für Alle e.V.

Workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference

You can meet the team behind Yoga für alle e.V. at the Berlin Yoga Conference May 24-26:

The Essence of Social Yoga: Practice & Discussion with Yoga für alle e. V | 18:15-19:15 | Saturday, 25.05

In our class we would like to introduce and offer the participants a chance to experience yoga the way we practice it in our social projects – as a complement to therapy. With gentle pranayama, meditation and light physical exercises we aim to restore the lost unity of the body, mind and spirit. We go back to feeling our body and learn how to perceive its signals anew – and to respect them. That way, self-awareness and stress resistance are improved, respect and self-love are practiced.