berlin yoga conference website

Photo: Jason Leung on Unsplash

I’m very excited to share with you our new Berlin Yoga Conference website 🙂

This work has been made possible by the efforts of a very small, but very dedicated and hard-working team: Alina Hoyer (design, CI), Katrin Sellerbeck (web development), and me, Anastasia Shevchenko (content management).

  1. The Berlin Yoga Conference website is envisioned to become a mini platform for our community, made of the conference team, presenters, goers, partners, sponsors, donors, volunteers and other type of collaborators, stakeholders, and helpers.
  2. The Berlin Yoga Conference website provides you with all the informations you need to make a decision to join in the major event or one of the Pop Ups, to become a supporter, or to offer your work or help in a way that fits in with your circumstances.
  3. The Berlin Yoga Conference website is there to honour and show appreciation for all the contributors to the project, providing a space where they are mentioned, acknowledged, and properly represented, creating future work opportunities and collaborations

Take a moment with the new Berlin Yoga Conference website to “soak in” the atmosphere around the project and you will realize a couple of ideas behind the project:

  • We are a start-up with a small team behind the project, but we’re all working very hard to make up for the limitations of our budget and being a new and unestablished venture
  • We are all passionate about this project in particular and yoga in general, and it is our sincere dedication to the cause that motivates and spires us
  • We are open and looking forward to new collaborations and partnerships, always on the look-out for new creative ways of connecting and working together
  • We are appreciative of everyone involved in the project along the way and are grateful for any contribution that help us to move  further into the bright future
  • We have high hopes and aspirations, and we are sure that we will succeed in reaching our goals and dreams for a brighter future, together

More words of gratitude to everyone involved and please spread the word out there if you think we’re doing a good job.

Much love to you all <3


Founder, manager, tribe leader @ Berlin Yoga Conference