Berlin Yoga Conference offers a number of dedicated yogis an opportunity to exchange their work for a chance to participate in the events free of charge. As we believe in a long-term mutually beneficial relationships over time, we encourage our volunteers to come back annually, offering them a number of benefits:

+ a unique chance to learn about the planning and organization behind the conference + an opportunity to meet and work together with the team and the presenting teachers + a way to make new friends with similar interests and build on your personal network + a great chance to have your work noticed, appreciated, and shared in the community


  1. You are a dedicated yogi: Berlin Yoga Conference takes a special care to provide all the participants with an authentic and memorable yoga experiences. For this reason, everyone we work with closely is required to have a basic understanding of the yoga path
  2. You share our values: Berlin Yoga Conference is built upon a core set of principles outlined in our vision and we ask everyone who works closely with us to share our core values to avoid conflict and minimize any possible reasons for a misunderstanding
  3. You are hard-working: Berlin Yoga Conference team is quite small and is made of talented and hard-working individuals who are motivated to create their best possible work for the benefit of everyone involved, directly and indirectly
  4. You are responsible: Berlin Yoga Conference only works together with individuals who take personal responsibility for their thoughts, deeds, and actions, which mean that promises are kept, assigned tasks are performed, and mutual expectations are met
  5. You are nice to work with: Berlin Yoga Conference is created to be enjoyed, which means that whoever is in charge of organizing, managing, and producing the conference are expected to be friendly, respectful, polite, and kind

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