As I was scrolling my Facebook Feed the other day, I saw a sponsored post for a park yoga from a page called “Blooming Happy Yoga“. Being a curious creature by nature, I clicked on the ad to see what that was about. On the one hand, I liked the name – it just sounded warm and welcoming. On the other hand – I was surprised to discover yet another yoga offer for Berlin.

Learning more about the project on their page, I realized that what I stumbled upon (or rather what was delivered to by Facebook based on who knows what algorithms and personal information about me) was very unique! The project is run by two best friends all the way from Australia, one a Kiwi (originally from New Zealand), and one an Aussie (an Australian), who were offering donation-based yoga classes in the famous Berlin park in Friedrichshain over the summer. I was absolutely intrigued!

Contacting Zahra, the founder behind the project, I asked to speak to her and see if we could connect when the girls would be in Berlin. She was very friendly, enthusiastic, and excited about the possibility to work together. This week on Monday, Zahra and Chrissy lead their first yoga class in the park since last summer, and they are planning to stay until the end of August, offering classes almost every day.

I’m very happy to present to you  – Zahra & Chrissy – the girls behind Blooming Happy Yoga in interview:

Q: Who is the team behind Blooming Happy Yoga and what’s your yoga background?

Zahra: We’re two besties from Melbourne and we met at our yoga teacher training in Bali led by Cat Kabira. Chrissy and I had an immediate connection and we both happened to be from the same city – thank you universe! As well as a yoga lover I’m a musician, practice partner acrobatics and acroyoga which is what sparked my interest in yoga.

Chrissy: I practice and teach vinyasa style yoga and I feel most connected when I’m practicing outdoors. It’s a joy to be able to teach with Blooming Happy in beautiful parks surrounded by nature – it’s good vibes.

Q: How did the idea for the project come about?

Chrissy: After our training, Zahra and I kept travelling overseas, she was doing acrobatic conventions, I was country hopping and teaching yoga, we were both living the gypsy life until we eventually landed back in Melbourne. Zahra came to me and said I’ve got this idea to run classes in the park and I want you to teach them and I was like “Yes – I’m in!”

 Zahra: I wanted to create a community and offer yoga in a welcoming, friendly and accessible way. The kind of class where you can come as you are and feel comfortable to give yoga a try. Chrissy and I shared the same values and I felt like she was the perfect person to bring the idea to life.

Zahra came up with the idea and developed the concept

Q: In your philosophy, you stress the importance of making yoga accessible to everybody. How do you achieve that through your project?

Zahra: Our classes are run on a pay as you feel basis so regardless of income you can always join us. There’s no membership requirement which is great for busy lifestyles and also travellers who are passing through.

We know how scary it can be rocking up to your first yoga class so we create a supportive space with an easy to follow class so absolute beginners feel welcome to give it a go.

Chrissy: The really special thing about the Blooming Happy community is seeing people come to a class bringing their dogs, their children and sometimes we get whole families – it’s such an eclectic community of people. I love that people from all walks of life feel welcome – that’s what Blooming Happy is about.

Q: Two Australian girls teaching yoga in the Berlin parks during the summer – what an awesome concept! Are there any difficulties involved with not being locals?

Zahra: In Melbourne we have such a vibrant and established community so bringing Blooming Happy to Berlin means creating a new community here. We know it will take some time but we are totally up for the challenge and excited to be here.

Q: What are the next steps in growing your community and business?

Chrissy: We’ll be working on our presence online to grow the business and stay connected with the Blooming Happy community. 

Zahra : It’s important for us to be able to offer support to our community as they continue to grow their yoga practice, especially in between seasons and when we’re not in the park together. We’ve got some exciting things planned and can’t wait to share them!

Chrissy comes up with the yoga program for the project

Q: What advice would you give to other yogis who want to start their own teaching business, but are not sure how to proceed?

Zahra: Really think about what your values are and how you can incorporate them into what you’re creating. Be clear about what you’re offering. Make a plan and take action. Be willing to make mistakes. Feel scared but don’t let it stop you. Believe that you can achieve your goal and be fully committed to making it happen.

Chrissy: Be loud and proud about what you’re offering to the world. Put it out there and share your light.