Today I would like to share with you an Interview with the Berlin-based Artist & Illustrator Victoria Arnold, whom I had a pleasure to meet personally on a couple of occasions, and who made a beautiful yoga-themed illustration for the Berlin Yoga Conference that you can see below. This would be a second interview I have done in my life, speaking to an artist,  connecting  Art & Yoga together. As Victoria put it: “How are yoga and art are connected? They both are never ending…” Wise words, indeed!

Photo Curtesy of: Victoria Arnold

Q: When did you first realize that you had an “artist soul”? Did you like to draw as a child?

A: I grew up in an artist’s surrounding. My father was an artist and designer and it has always been clear to me that I will also will be an artist. I was always drawing something when I was a child: sitting in my father’s atelier, at home, even in school during the lessons, I was sketching something.

Q: Why did you chose specifically the medium of Illustrations? What do you like about this specific art format?

A: It is very easy to answer: I love beautiful printed art books and magazines. I collect them, I have a lot of them, I always look into them again and again. That inspires me to do something, which I can imagine as illustrations.

Illustration by: Victoria Arnold

Q: Do you use technology in your work? Do you find technology helpful or distracting?

A: Almost everybody uses technology now. When you paint, you use your hands and your mind, but you show your work and promote yourself using technology. Some of my works are used only in digital format. It is very necessary now to use technology. Without, you have a much smaller spectrum to present yourself.

Q: With Internet access and an ability to see what thousand of artists and illustrators do around the world, do you find this inspiring or overwhelming? Do you like to go online to see what other people do and how?

A: Of course! I found a lot of inspiration online. A lot of great artist, talents, I admire them, they give me energy and willingness to work. Just important to find balance and go off line in time, otherwise you are exhausted. Sometimes it is better to flip through the books, the slower change of images is very relaxing.

Photo Curtesy of: Victoria Arnold

Q: What inspired your work and how does your usual creative process work like when you get a commission?

A: Beauty, fashion, music – actually all this in combination inspire me, also new places, incredible people.

With every project you understand again and again how diverse the world is, how different all the people are, how different they feel and see things. It is very interesting for me. You try to understand your client, you become him/her for a while, taking a part of them, putting on paper their imagination.

Illustration by: Victoria Arnold

Q: Do you find the space that you work in has a big influence on your flow and productivity?

A: I think yes, the space is very important not only for work, but also for relaxing, for inspiration. You should feel yourself good in your space, then you can create something good.

Q: Do you think art and yoga are connected? In what ways?

A: Creating art is also a meditation. How are yoga and art are connected? They both are never ending…