Photo credit: Louise Wang Nielsen

Today I had a chance to interview Louise Wang Nielsen, the Founder & the Creative Director behind Moonchild Yoga Wear. Louise studied Fashion Design and later fell in love with Yoga, resulting in the birth of the brand. The yogic values are at the heart of the company, while the designs are prepared by hand and are truly gorgeous, reflecting so precisely the Scandinavian landscape, with its light, colors, the sea, and Nordic minimalism.

Q: What came before: yoga or fashion? Did you find it easy to connect the two passions together?

A: Fashion came first. It was my childhood dream to be a designer and so I received my degree in Fashion Design and Pattern-making in 2004. Later in my life, I found the love of yoga and during a 2-years stay in London the opportunity came to combine my two passions, so I set out to begin forming the dream of what would become Moonchild Yoga Wear.

Q: What lessons learned through yoga do you apply to your fashion brand?

A: What yoga has thaught me is to take a more holistic approach towards running my own business. We have three clear “WHY” Moonchild exists. First, we aim to design active wear that women would love and that would make them feel great wearing it. Second, we manufacture our clothes in an eco-friendly way, using carefully-selected materials and hand-picked factories located in the EU. Finally, we give back to those who need it the most, through our support programs such as Action Child Aid and Women for Women International. On a personal level, yoga has brought me more peace and tolerance toward others and myself.

Q: What is the most gratifying aspect of having your own yoga fashion brand and what is the most challenging one?

A: The most challenging part is making that connection between the design and the drawing, which for me started as a hobby and something I did for fun, and practically applying that into my full-time job, something that provides financially for me and my family.

The most gratifying aspect of Moonchild for me is about being able to create a business that can give back to the world and to those who are less fortunate. We’re so happy, for instance, to be able to help women survivors of war to rebuild their lives, helping them to start their own business, so they could provide for themselves and their families, send their kids to school and improve their lives. I feel very grateful for being able to do this because of the success behind Moonchild.

Q: It seems like there are so many yoga fashion brands these days. How do you do things differently from others?

A: Our dream was to create a European brand which would inspire women of all shapes and sizes to move freely, be it through activities like yoga, pilates, walking, running or just in the middle of the busy day of being a mother, like myself. We are very focused on designing our clothes so they are multi-functional and, aside from being great for active lifestyle, also fit into the everyday wardrobe. I call this idea “a feminine minimalism, blended with our Scandinavian heritage”, this is the signature of Moonchild.

Q: What inspires your creativity and how do you get new ideas for your work?

A: I am inspired by the light and the colors of the Scandinavian nature. Especially the city Skagen (the most northern point of Denmark), where my husband was born. This place has inspired painters for centuries as the light is just amazing! We go there several times each year and always feel extra creative when we are there. I am very old school as I draw all my designs by hand. I love drawing and even though it is a long process from the first sketch to final style, this is how my ideas and inspiration come to life.

Q: Aside from running your own company, you are also a mother. How do you find work-life balance?

A: The fact that my design studio and office is at our home is a big help for the work-life balance. We get up early in the morning and have time for breakfast with the kids and follow them to school. I have two boys, 5 and 9 years old, and now that the youngest left the kindergarten, they are at the same school, which is great for them and easier for us too. Then the workday starts and when I am not visiting the factories in Portugal or our retailers and partner, I am at the home studio and can plan my day freely. And there has to be time for yoga too. So, when I am not traveling, I have a good work-life balance, and spend as much time as possible with my kids, husband, family and friends.

Q: What would you advise to a woman who wants to start her own company, in the yoga industry specifically?

A: The most important advise for starting a business in any industry is to start small, be focused and do something that you are passionate about.



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