Today I had a chance to interview Sandra Dresp from DRESP: sports couture. I first met Sandra in the summer of 2017 when I came to her on the look-out for a perfect outfit to wear for my video Yoga & Berlin. I found her outfits very beautiful and special, very different too. To me, they speak this very feminine, almost erotic language that is completely empowering and feminist in its nature. She makes use of lace, see-through and silky fabrics, geometric cuts and occasional floral patterns. The colour palette is determined by the season, but is usually within the autumn/winter range, with a lot of blacks and some shiny elements that never look kitschy. Every time my sister-in-law Maya comes to visit us, she goes to Sandra and buys half of the shop because for her, coming from the West Coast of the USA, it is the only opportunity to buy something truly “European”, something very “Berlin” 🙂

Sandra Dresp was encouraged to explore the world of fashion & artistic creation ever since she was a child. As a teenage, Sandra got involved in the martial arts and did all kind of sports. To bridge the two aspects of her being, she came up with the brand DRESP. With her work, Sandra aims to empower women in their every day life through beautifully crafted functional clothing that makes them feel good, comfortable, and confident.

Q: When did you first feel the love for fashion and where did you study it?

A: My love for fashion has always been there. My mother always had a great sense for fashion and styling, and as a child I was always surrounded by nice dresses, coats and jewelry…. My mother also taught me sewing when I was a young teenager, so I started to create my own pieces of clothing. I studied at the University of Applied Sciences here in my hometown Berlin, and finished 2009 with a Diploma.

Q: Why did you decide to specialize on “Sport Couture“?

A: I decided to do sports couture because I’ve always been athletic myself and wanted to combine my sports-hobbies with work. As a teenager I had ballet, modern dance and jazz dance lessons and have therefore always been in contact with sporty-functional, and in my opinion, beautiful clothes.

Already at the university I specialized in body-hugging clothing. Parallel to and after graduation, I designed corsets, latex clothing and shape-wear. At the same time I practiced a lot martial arts, climbing and yoga. Looking sporty in everyday life and wearing comfortable clothes was quite natural for me.

With the label DRESP I have created sport couture, in which one already looks good on the way to do sport. I even go one step further. Sportswear should not only be worn for sports or everyday wear, you can even wear it in elegant surroundings and parties. It is functional, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Q: What inspires you in your work? What’s your creative process like?

A: The inspiration for the designs is the feminine body itself and the beauty and diversity of nature.

Q: Do you practice yoga or play sports yourself? How often in a week do you manage to do something active?

A: I practice yoga regularly alone, or in small groups. In the winter I also go bouldering, in the summer I do some outdoor sports like skating and biking. Sometimes I do time-limited courses in Krav Maga because I think self-defence is very important.

Q: What do you like about yoga specifically?

A: Practicing yoga regularly helps me to ensure a good healthy life, a way to stay fit and active. When I started 10 years ago, I was also able to improve my productivity at work by more than 50% and my overall health improved tremendously.

Q: Do you see yourself a part of the Berlin yoga scene?

A: I see myself rather as a part of the visual aspects of the Berlin yoga scene, because I´m a Creator of the yoga clothing.

Photo: R. Kasperski

Q: What are your dreams and hopes for DRESP?

A: In order to maintain a healthy, health-conscious work-life balance, our customers want to be able to coordinate sports, work and leisure time-efficiently. DRESP wants to make that possible: for example, the same pair of leggings can be the perfect garment for home, work, on the way to the gym, and at gym itself.

I want to make even more women feel good in DRESP’s comfortable, elegant and sustainable fashion, enjoying the multi-functionality of the garments.