Originally from Denmark, Stine Lethan is an international Berlin-based yoga teacher, a dancer, an avid traveler and a mother of two.

In 1997, Stine moved from Kopenhagen to Berlin to study modern dance. During her time at the dance school, she first got in touch with yoga practising it in the evenings to counterbalance and regenerate from the strenuous dance practice.

“I found depth within myself, a state of peace, acceptance and a feeling of fulfilment and connectivity without any criticism about myself. I learned to approach discipline, perseverance and perfection with a more understanding mindset.”

Over the years, Stine worked as a professional dancer in countries across Europe and the Orient. With the urge to express herself in more advanced ways, she started taking theatre and acting lessons and eventually found her passion in yoga as a way to become more connected with her body, mind and soul.

In 2005, Stine did her Yoga Teacher Training with Patricia Thielemann at Spirit Yoga Berlin. In 2016, she then completed the 500 Hour Spirit Yoga Teacher Training and eventually became a senior teacher and an ambassador.

Together with DJane Mimi Love, she initiated the project „Love Connects“ which unites all aspects of music, expression, dance and yoga into one holistic experience.

Stine’s teaching style has developed over years, with the core method being Vinyasa Flow, yet Stine incorporates her own unique touch to it by fusing in the elements of dance, music, chanting, visualizations, various Movement Arts & Body Works, as well as Osho inspired active meditation.

Her Vinyasa style workshop at the Berlin Yoga Conference “Awakening your Secrets of your Sacred Heart” aims to reconnect us with our hearts and follow our true intentions. As Rumi said, “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” There’s often a big discrepancy between what we feel and how we act, between the inner and the outer world. In her workshop, Stine will teach us to truly listen to our hearts and follow our deeply rooted purposes. It’s a question of finding continuous trust, courage and dedication to guide us through inner layers of ourselves and lead us to the base of our hearts, our home.

“Since being a kid, I felt the inner urge to express myself. I found myself through dancing, acting, moving and other forms of art through which I could give a voice and expression to my body.”

Stine sees her role as a teacher in guiding others to find their own light. Her yoga style is a mixture of breath, asanas, expression, meditation, music, ecstatic dance, charings, Thai yoga massage, chants which merge into a holistic dance-style session – a meditative and challenging healing for our mind, body and souls.

Stine will teach on Day 3 of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
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