Esther Ekhart, who is the Founder of Europe’s leading online yoga studio EkhartYoga, will share her signature yoga flows merged with new techniques and insights at the Berlin Yoga Conference.

To her, “Yoga is like a loyal friend who is always there when you need them.”

Read more about Esther’s workshops below.

Saturday, May 25, 10-11.30: Dragon Flow – Yin/Yang
In Chinese symbolism, the dragon is the yang, energetic, driving force of life. However, in this day and age, the yin aspects – receptive, spacious and contemplative forces – are often overlooked. In this workshop we explore and balance both aspects. We invite our ‘yang side’ out to play during the Dragon flow, using every inch of the mat to make big, circular movements, dives, twists and bends in a joyful, creative flow. We finish by exploring the slower, more meditative yin aspects of the practice. You’ll feel energised yet grounded after this workshop.

Saturday, May 25, 16-17.30: Hatha Flow – Free Your Fascia
This unique Hatha yoga class helps to free up the fascia – the matrix of connective tissue that wraps and glues everything in the body together. After a 5 minute talk, we begin a creative yoga flow which will get you moving in new and unusual ways. You may be asked to let go of some alignment principles but you’ll feel free, alive and ‘juicy’ after this practice!

Sunday, May 26, 8-8.30: Meditation – Calm Your Restless Mind
When you feel restless and all that energy is churning around in your head, this meditation will settle you down and bring you back to your centre. We work on moving the energy down to the lower dantian (located in the lower belly region). Afterwards, your breath and energy system will have settled and you will feel ready to take on the rest of your day from a calm and peaceful place.

Sunday, May 26, 11.45-13.15: Vinyasa Flow – Explore New Ways of Moving
A fluid yoga practice that will inspire you to explore and play with new ways of moving that may ‘colour outside the lines’ of traditional yoga poses to help you understand what works best for you. We’ll flow, sway, wave, spiral, shake and tap. This practice will help you find out feels best for your body so that you can practise yoga safely and happily for a lifetime!


Esther will teach on Day 2 and 3 of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
Find her schedule here.

Watch this short teaser to get to know Esther and join EkhartYoga for a free 2-week trial to try out her classes.