Helga is one of the few teachers worldwide who finished more then 500h YA Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley in California. Aside from studying with the Grilley’s, she deepened her Yin studies in trainings with Biff Mithoefer, Sarah Powers, Jose de Groot and Josh Summers. She found her spiritual teacher, a female Indian Swami and Vedanta teacher, Swamini Pramananda, in the Indian Himalayas, since then she is traveling and guiding retreats there on a regular basis.

Throughout all her yoga practice, Helga expresses gratitude for her teachers Ammaji, Paul & Suzee Grilley and Biff Mithoefer. Here she’s quoting Ammaji:

“Maintaining equanimity of mind, samatvam, with respect to what I cannot change is called proper attitude. To maintain this equanimity (the Bhagavad Gita) prescribes two methods: one is īśvarārpaṇa-buddhi which means dedicating all actions, and the other is prasāda-buddhi which means learning to accept all the experiences in life as a gift.”


Helga Baumgartner will lead two workshops at the Berlin Yoga Conference with the first class aiming to open the whole body and the second class focusing on the chest and shoulder region.


Her first Yin Yoga workshop is a gentle practice which doesn’t ask us to achieve anything, but to take the time to look inwards and grow into acceptance with things as they are. Often times we are struggling with ourselves and the things life is presenting to us. We are struggling with the past, the presence and even the future yet to come, tensing up our whole body and mind. Yin Yoga can help us in teaching ourselves how to soften up again. By softening up our body, we soften up internally in our mind and our heart, meaning that we reconnect with our innate ease and peace with ourselves and the sacred given life.


Helga’s second Yin Yoga workshop will help us to reconnect to the present moment, accessing those deep and hidden parts of ourselves that hold not only our sorrow and our pain, but also our own natural unconditional joy, and a deep and peaceful understanding and equanimity, sat -chit – ananda – as the scriptures say. In Yin Yoga we are practicing compassionate presence for ourselves with everything that is showing up throughout the practice experience in a very gentle and unexited way. The healing practice of Yin Yoga is offering time and space to build up a connection to our inner good heart. We are practicing compassionate kindness to ourselves, so that we can also be kind and compassionate with others.

Helga will teach on Day 1 and 2 of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
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