When Katharina Middendorf founded Nivata Yoga she was looking for a way to bring the serenity she experienced in Yoga into her daily life. It quickly dawned on her that closing out the parts of life that are too “loud” is not an option,  but that it will just cause even more stress to block them out and try to keep them there.

Katharina’s approach to yoga brings a holistic persepctive and in her classes she works with experiences as a whole.

As a mother of four, yoga school owner, couples therapist and teacher training facilitator i know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by all the things going on. It can feel as if everything – especially time – is working against you. There is no mood or feeling we shouldn’t feel – in fact I urge you to feel it all – unapologetically.

Together with Ralf Sturm she will teach a set of mindful Hatha yoga workshops at the conference. Physical on a subtle level, working with Kriyas (cleansing techniques) and chakra-based postures – without being too demanding. Perfect for all levels of experience and body types.

Ralf has been studying with meditation teachers from all over the world since since 2001. His own personal practice is based on the teachings and initiations from H.H. Dalai Lama, as well as the awareness and mindfulness techniques as received by Thich Nhat Hanh. Together with Katharina, he conducts an annual Meditation Teacher Training every spring in Berlin. They also conduct silent retreats each fall in the countryside near Berlin. Ralf’s approach to meditation is based on emphasizing that there is no such thing as „failure“ in meditation. He encourages students and teachers alike to put self-compassion as a necessary component into the practice.

Here’s an overview of their conferences workshops

Nivata Yoga Energize

Emotions are Energy in Motion. Working with this means to enhance energies that help you and release the ones that block you. The Energize Class is an activating practice with sun salutations, demanding not in posture but by the retention of breath in two postures. Feeling like a prayer because of the 12 sun mantras. and “shakti bandha asanas” (Satyananda Yoga), a series that relieves both physical and emotional blocks in the spine. Pranayamas and kriyas will prepare the body for inner heat and lead to a wakefull feeling during the practice. You will leave energized for the day. Residing in your own energetic field.

Nivata Yoga Recharge

Our batteries run empty when we forget to recharge them on a regular basis. We created this class to give you space to recharge. In this class we will introduce you to the moon salutation, the lower body series practiced lying down. There is an emphasis on the exhalation that helps the body to calm down and activates the relaxation mode in our nervous system.

Nivata Meditation

The way we teach meditation is based on Ralf’s extensive experience in the Himalaya where he studied with his teachers the Dalai Lama and Thich Na Than. In this meditation you will learn techniques for mindfulness meditation and awareness practices. Very simple and very powerful.

Nivata Yoga Balance

Life can take us on a daily rollercoaster ride. Up and down, fast and slow. The balance class will help you reconnect to your individual center. We will practice a mix of activating and regenerating sequences that help you reconnect to that sense of balance.

Go Female Lecture

Katharina will also give a lecture “Go Female” as an introduction to her book “Female Yoga” which talks to women about yoga seen through female eyes. Using the nivata®moonsalutation sequence this book is for women or female identified people who want to use yogic techniques to deepen their connection to their female essence. Be prepared to get in touch with your feminine side and find out what this means to you on a very individual level.

Katharina and Ralf will teach on Day 2 and 3 of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
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