Driven by her philosophy ‘Be More You’, Johanna is one of the most respected mind-body coaches and fitness experts in Scandinavia today. She has over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher and fitness trainer. In 2007 she founded Global Yoga, a teacher training and yoga school in Scandinavia where she together with other teachers aim to share their vision that yoga is for everyone and every body. She is also the creator of concepts such as Yoga For Athletes and the Hot MOJO and SoulWork Club, an online wellness club. Her strength is that she is constantly striving to learn and understand more about yoga on and of the mat, both through life as a mother of two and as a student of movement.

”I love combining yin and yang, to complete the practice and to be able to adapt the session according to my clients’ needs at the time. I specialize in vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, inversions, yin yoga, yoga nidra, strength work and core classes as well as meditation and breath work. For me, these are all tools to be more you.”

Johanna will lead sessions on all three days of the Berlin Yoga Conference starting on Day 1 with a Playful Vinyasa Workshop inspired by the water element: Water is flexible, it’s everywhere, and it’s life-sustaining. Water has no shape; instead, it flows where it desires, and it alters its movement and speed as it wishes or as the need requires. It is a strong, free, and powerful entity. Water is ever-changing and satiates our survival, our lives. If it is so abundant, then why aren’t we more like it? Johanna believes that we have become rigid and tight due to the stresses, anxieties, and over-stimulation that our society promotes and demands. This is the reason why we should all be more like water, open up and flow with the circumstances and respond to them accordingly.”


On Day 2, Johanna will lead a meditation to bring us back to the present moment and to ourselves. She will also give a deep-dive workshop into arm balances for all levels which will help us become more confident upside down and will teach us smart sequencing and knowledge about our own bodies, learn how to get to know our strengths and weaknesses.

Johanna’s lecture “Accessing the Feminine Future” on the last day of the conference is about her journey of accessing the feminine, finding playfulness and ecstatic happiness after a time where she felt stressed and stuck in the masculine world of working hard and leading a successful business: “I thought that in order to be successful I had to ‘play by the rules’ and ‘be serious’. Turns out – that isn’t the case.”

Her last workshop “Pussy Power Flow” is the practical part to her lecture. A sensuous, expansive and strengthening class that is designed to open up the body into its full, free expression. Through simple, repetitive movement we will challenge the body to engage the mind and let go. Starting slow and progressing into free form – movement is the medicine. The workshop ends with a shakti nidra, deep relaxation that brings fulfillment.

Johanna will teach on all days of the Berlin Yoga Conference.
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