We love Instagram Challenges because they really help us to keep track of our community and keep in touch with our customers, ambassadors, and partners.

We usually run 4 official Instagram Challenges per month leading up to our big event.

There are many benefits to doing a Berlin Yoga Conference Instagram Challenge!

As a Sponsor:

You will be able to reach a very specific target audience, gain new followers and fans

As a Host:

You can become our Ambassador and get invited to participate at the Conference

As a Participant:

You get a chance to win a Berlin Yoga Conference ticket and other amazing prizes


If you are interested in hosting a Berlin Yoga Conference Challenge, please follow these steps:

+ inform yourself well about our event, follow us on the social media, subscribe to our Newsletter, and keep up-to-date with our latest news

+ get in touch with us per email stating: who are the hosts with Instagram handles, what are the dates, on what topic, and how you envision us to get involved

+ know that all our official challenges need to have our official branding and follow our simple guidelines for participation

+ you can rely on us in helping you to find extra sponsors and to help spread the word about the challenge through our official channels


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