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I received many questions about the little notebook I am always carrying with me and sometimes even use during my yoga practice. Some of you have asked me what I am writing and if I could talk about it in a little more detail. So here are some tips and how I am using journaling to improve my life quality.

It’s not about whats already written inside – it’s about what you will write.

The notebook is nothing fancy. It’s just a simple book with plank pages. No lines, nothing already written or printed. But what makes this book so fancy for me is what’s written inside – all my daily thoughts, fears, plans, goals, etc.of the last couple of months.

I started writing a journal two years ago around the same time I started reading more self-development books. To be honest it all started with “the secret” and a really interesting person I have met in India. Maybe I will tell you the story about Andrè another time.

I got inspired to write down my goals and visualizations and it was incredible how many of these goals and dreams I once have written down I have already achieved or happened to be part of my life. There were many ups and down as well as changes in my life (same as in your life, right?) and journaling always helped me to stay positive.

Journaling is like having a conversation with yourself.

I don’t have any writing rules or fixed times where I write in my journal. I just carry it with me wherever I go and if there are any thoughts in my mind I would like to write down I take the time and write.

To answer the question what journaling is – it is writing. Writing without any rules.


I write down my goals for the next weeks, months and years to reming myself what I need to do on a daily base to reach my goals. If you have a target you want to achieve and you remind yourself about your goals every single day, your subconscious mind will know what to do to bring you one step closer to your goal.

Still don’t try to chase on goal after another. Enjoy the journey, try to be present. Appreciate what you learn on your way.

Don’t get too attached to reaching goals because otherwise you will never be fulfilled.

But having clear goals helps you to find a direction you want to go in your life and to keep you on track.


Not only for positive things but especially if you are struggling journaling helps you a lot. Writing a journal helps you to release stress.

Sometimes a certain fear is deep in your mind or heart and you don’t really know what exactly it is you are so afraid of. But like you put light onto your shadow the fear disappears if you go deep within yourself. That’s exactly what happens to me if I write down my fears and try to locate them in my body. The fear disappears or I find ways to handle/fight the fear.


How much of a relieve it is to cross something of your to-do-list? And the relive is even bigger if you really cross your hand-wrtieen list than just deleting it on your phone. Studies have shown that the chances to do the things you wrote down with your hand as well as reaching your goals is 33% higher than writing in a digital form.


If I am doing an online yoga class, read inspiring quotes or had a deep conversation with someone I use the journal to write down any notes that are still in my mind. This helps me to learn and grow. Writing a journal will help you to keep your thoughts organized.

Brainstorm I Graphs I Schedules

The beautiful thing about an empty journal is that you can be so much more creative. In fact writing a journal helps you to be more create in other areas of your life as well!

I draw graphs, signs, charts and any other forms that are coming up to my mind to write down my thoughts. It really helps me to schedule my week like morning routine, workout plan, meetings, etc.

Yesterday I designed a “quarantine schedule” to find more structure during this challenging time. It really helps me to stray productive and to use my time in a way to benefit later like a daily yoga practice, handstand workouts, time scheduled for computer work, etc.

As you see there are so many ways and benefits of using a journal. It shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to write things down. Always see it as an opportunity to learn something or to make life easier in any way.

Below I list some tips as well as some questions you could reflect about.

I really hope this gonna help you through this challenging time. Stay safe and stay positive.

Much love



Tip #1: always carry the journal with you

Tip #2: write down your long-term and short-term goals

Tip #3: be real with yourself. You are writing this just for yourself. Be honest.

Tip #4: start a gratitude list. It will boost your happiness. Gratitude is something we can learn.

Tip #5: don’t stress yourself about writing every single day.


Questions you could ask yourself

What are my goals for the next week(s), months, 3 years?

What do I need to change / start / stop to achieve my goals?

Who am I?

Who do I want to be? What kind of person do I want to be?

What are my strengths / weaknesses?

What is important / priority in my life?

How can I improve my life quality?

What did I learn today?

What did I learn from this experience?

How could I improve?

What am I grateful for today?

How do I want my week to look like?

Workout plan / study plan / business plan / diet plan

How do I want my relationship / friendships to look like?

What is my biggest fear? What is my fear at the present moment? Why? How could I stand up to this fear?

Visualizing a beautiful day

Visualizing your partner

10 things that make me smile

What do I love about life?

Write the things down you need to hear / positive self-talk

Photo credit: Marcel Clementi

Originally published on the Move for Peace blog here.