Yoga has taught me a lot of things over the last years and believe me, super difficult arm balancing poses or splits did not improve my daily routine.

I never had a situation where a handstand literally would have helped me :-). Overcoming my fear and lifting my legs above my head, had an effect on me. Walking on my hands to work and being able to generate with fancy handstand pics even more Instagram followers didn’t leave any imprint.

It’s always about the small things – the same applies for Yoga. Simple things we do in Yoga every time made life outside the yoga studio and off the mat way easier.

I want to give here three little tips on how you can make your daily routine a bit more mindful and hopefully a bit less stressful with small things.

Breathing exercises isn’t something you can only do on your mat. It is possible everywhere all the time. I always teach in my mum & baby classes, how useful it is to just slow down your breath while you breastfeed. Long in- and exhales. It calms you down and the baby as well.

In my normal classes, I often start and end with fall out breaths. Something I do regularly throughout my day. Take a deep inhale in through the nose, exhale out through the mouth. Repeat at least three times.  Whenever I feel, something is overwhelming like a a crazy toddler not listening to you, another email at work you have no time to read or answer. Instead of stressing out, fill up your lungs with air and let it all out again. And there is no excuse. You have to breathe anyway. So why not make the inhale and exhale a bit more meaningful.

No, I am not asking you to lock yourself into a room at work and meditate for an hour. Though, it would be very beneficial.
One small unit I like to do when I don’t feel grounded any more is the 5,4,3,2,1 meditation. It literally brings you back to your senses. It doesn’t take much time and you can do it everywhere as well.
Next time, you feel stressed at work, take a minute and look around yourself. Name in your head 5 things you can see.

Next steps: 4 things you can feel. Touch the jumper you are wearing, the jeans, the desk in front of you, the keyboard. Feel the texture of these different items.

After this, 3 things you can hear. My favorite part as I find I start to tune into myself more. The co-worker typing an email, a door closing, chatting from the coffee machine area.

This is followed by 2 things you can smell. Might be the smell in the room, your scarf, the tea in your hands.

Last but least, one thing you can taste. Perhaps you still have the taste from the last coffee in your mouth. But even if you didn’t eat anything in a longer time, there is still a taste you can experience.

After this little exercise, my mind is already less controlled by this little monkey jumping back and forth repeating the same sentences.

Focusing on the positive things:

As a little night time routine, I like to look back at the day and pick three moments I liked best. This doesn’t need to be anything big and to be honest, often the small gestures make your day. Last week one of my personal highlights were that my son used a new word.¬†Believe me, the word duvet can suddenly mean the world to you.

So, end the day with positive thoughts, to make your night even more relaxing.