Finally!!! 🙂

The Berlin Yoga conference started today officially at 17.00. One of the first teachers was Christina Lobe from Yogatribe Berlin among others. Not always the easiest path to be the first.

Christina is a very well experienced yoga teacher.

I have been teaching Anusara Yoga® since 2005, I’m a Certified Anusara Yoga® Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher eRYT-500 Yoga Alliance. My base is an orientation-based yoga style that I supplement with teachings from the Tantric philosophy. My ambition is to show each individual their value and to live and communicate truthfulness and transparency. The path into the depths of one’s own heart is the foundation for a fulfilled and at the same time free life.

But having respect to opening such an event no matter how experience you are, I can truly understand. Did you ever sit in front of a white paper and you had to paint a picture or write a text? It’s not that easy. The beginning steps are always the most difficult.

An experience Christina shared with us as well in regards to the conference. How to open the conference? How should you introduce the students into the conference knowing that so much more will happen during the weekend.  This class is one puzzle piece in a full variety of workshops and lectures. And she honored being a part of the big picture.

Christina Lobe

But she found a way to handle the white paper aka opening of the conference. She led us through 90 Minutes of heart opening asanas in the style of Anusara Yoga. A flow of very dynamic back bends to create openness but also strength.

“Free your wild heart”

This sentence has been Christina’s motto and inspiration for a while now. In it, two completely essential aspects of Christina’s teachings are included: that we can connect with our hearts through yoga practice and mindfulness, as well as that the we need to free ourselves through yoga. In the heart is where our wisdom lies, from here comes our truthfulness and that’s where we’re guided from. Qualities such as beauty, perfection, love, happiness and joy are the nature of our heart. As conscious people, we do not need a system that constricts us, locking ourselves into a set form. Instead, we need to shape our own form and create the structures that serve us to grow and to live the freedom of our heart. For the yoga practice, this means a high degree of self-responsibility and personal responsibility.

Is there a better way to start this Yoga weekend than by focusing on your heart?

In case you missed it, I share my favorite heart opening exercise. Ideal after a long day in the office, travelling or any other sitting activity.

Just grab a bolster. If you don’t have one, just pile up a few pillows. This will do it as well. Lay your upper back on the pillows/bolster. Open your arms to the side and let them sink down on the floor. Palms facing up. If that is really easy for you, make sure you keep your shoulder blades separated. Often, we cheat by bringing them closer together to make it easier to release the arms.

Bend your arms a bit and imagining your elbows are moving to the sides like somebody is pulling them.  Take a moment to settle into the pose and the stretch. Then – just like you might have done it as a kid in the snow – move your arms up and down. keep the thumb in contact with the floor, but you can lift the elbows a bit. Create a snow angle. Always keep your awareness on the elbows: Energetically they move to the side.

Do this a few times. This will not only opening the chest and your heart but also bring movement into your arms and shoulders. I love the combination of stretching and moving.