Senior Sponsors

Berlin Yoga Conference has a lot of respect for our sponsors. We choose carefully who we want to work with and partner up with companies and brands that we trust.

Junior Sponsors

We believe in long-term relationships over time that develop and grow in possibilities, happy to start small and take it one step at the time.

Media Partners

Berlin Yoga Conference believes in the value of mutually beneficial relationships that spread through time and over a variety of platforms.

We value partners both big and small, and put an emphasis on the kind of relationships that are based on both partners’ excitement and support for each other.

Social Causes

Berlin Yoga Conference provides a platform for nonprofit organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. We present these organizations in the frames of the conference, encouraging a way in which members of our community could learn about their work and find ways to help out and support.

Organizational Partners

Berlin Yoga Conference partnered up with some of the local yoga studios and international yoga festivals and organizations.


Aside from supporting a number of nonprofit organizations and partnering up with some yoga institutions, we are also working together with these awesome yoga and wellness startups, helping each other grow and expand.

Would you like to work together?

Berlin Yoga Conference is always happy to partner up with businesses and organizations that share our philosophy and practice.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas of how we could work together based on your circumstances, needs, and budget possibilities.

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