Alexander Kroeker

Alexander Kroeker

Element Yoga
Berlin, Germany

Alexander is a yoga teacher, a certified cultural educator and the founder/owner of Element Yoga in Berlin. For Alexander, yoga is about connecting and creating space for development. Motivated by his deeply rooted desire to accompany and support people on their yoga path and through life, he teaches others with openness, softness, clarity and inner power. His lessons are playful, exploratory, challenging, and inspiring. Undogmatic, authentic and touching, he fosters understanding about the connections between the body, the mind, and heart, building bridges between the yoga practice and the daily challenges of life.

With more than twelve years of experience as a yogi and a teacher, Alexander’s mentors include Bridget Woods Kramer, Desiree Rumbaugh, John Friend and Anna Trökes.

Alexander’s Element Yoga is a collection of methods and understandings that he has acquired in his philosophical and practical studies of yoga. With influences such as Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Prana Yoga and Vini Yoga, it is very much connected to the tantric yoga philosophy of the twelfth century, as well as the modern thinkers like Nietzsche or Foucault.

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Conference Schedule

26.05 19:30 • 90 MIN
Element Yoga: Body Reading