Aria Crescendo

Aria Crescendo

Warrior Flow Yoga

Aria is a musician, a singer and a yoga teacher. Her artistic journey brought her to yoga in the early 2000. Being in the music and entertainment industry at a young age, she needed to find a balance to survive in the rollercoaster lifestyle of a popular musician, so the day she discovered yoga was a big revelation for her.

With 18 + years of teaching experience behind her, she loves to share the modern day yoga philosophy with local and international communities. She has a background in Dance and started yoga with the Iyengar school, followed by an Ashtanga Yoga school and a YogaWorks teacher training. After so many years of teaching, she decide to share her experiences and her passion for yoga in the format of Teacher Trainings in the frames of her Warrior Flow Yoga method.

Aria’s classes take you on a powerful and transformational journey! Aria has headlined at Wanderlust Festivals, and has represented brands like Nike, Oysho and Loreal. She is the author of two books about yoga “Le Yoga de Ma Vie “ and “The Healthy Book”. She spends her time traveling and teaching, while spreading the good vibes through yoga and music.

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