Cathy Madeo

Cathy Madeo

Vinyasa Yoga

Cathy Madeo is an E-RYT 500-Hour RYT, YACEP certified yoga instructor, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and mom of 2.

She has devoted her life to the study, practice and teaching of yoga. She began her practice in 1994 and began teaching yoga in 2004. She’s a teacher’s teacher who’s dedicated to educating students and teachers in the ongoing evolution of the yoga practice. Her passion for alignment draws students who want a solid foundation of the Asana practice, her passion for living a yoga life brings those seeking a spiritual connection through the yoga practice, and her passion for developing yoga teachers into the best version of themselves, keeps students and teachers alike coming back for years.

After years of suffering with chronic back pain due to spinal stenosis, a condition of the spine she was born with, she went on a quest to heal herself. She learned everything she could about the core and how to strengthen it. She brings all of her knowledge into Activate Your Core, a method she designed to enhance your yoga practice, which she shares through several online series and in person workshops.

In August 2020, Cathy launched her 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training under her Yoga Alliance approved school, Cathy Madeo Yoga. Students from all over the world train with her to deepen their yoga journey and gain a mentor in Cathy.

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Friday, 09.07.21
15:30 • 1,5H
Elevate That Asana

In this 90 minute flow class you’ll learn the art of taking various poses to the next level right in the middle of your flow class. Find more freedom in your practice, challenge your strength and flexibility and explore fun variations of familiar poses. This class will teach you to evolve your practice and expand your beliefs as you up-level your asanas!

Saturday, 10.07.21
15:00 • 1,75H
Activate Your Core

In this fun and challenging workshop, you will learn how to activate your core muscles to bring your yoga practice to the next level! Learn what muscles make up the core, how to activate those muscles in core drills, and how to use your core in your yoga practice to transform your asanas. Core exercises will be taught to challenge your body, assist your development of core awareness and make you strong from the inside out! You will leave with a solid understanding of what constitutes the core, how to engage the core muscles when you move your body whether in core drills or your yoga practice, and how these drills can prepare your body for more challenging asanas like arm balances and inversions. Hearing your instructor say “engage your core” will never be the same. A must take workshop! All levels welcome.

Sunday, 11.07.21
15:00 • 1,75H
Activate Your Flexibility: Splits

In this workshop you’ll learn about the various muscles that cross the hip joint and how diversifying your stretching techniques will unlock your splits and increase your flexibility. You’ll learn different stretching techniques like PNF, passive and active stretching and a ton of drills to level up your splits flexibility in both your straight and middle splits. You’ll walk away with a new perspective on flexibility and find the balance between strength and surrender to open up your body in new ways.