Christina Metzler

Christina Metzler

Yoga Makes Me Happy

Yoga makes me happy. What about you?

I am a Berlin based German native and English speaking yoga teacher, graphic designer and passionate founder of the 30 Days Of Happpiness-Challenge.
I truly believe: one conscious breath can change your life in a second. You are how you breathe.

Why are you in love with yoga? I’ve started Yoga to self-heal my scoliosis (spine-deformation), you could say I did physiotherapy with myself. I did become more flexible, stronger, created space and length in my body, especially in the compressed body parts (becoming almost painless).

Where did I learn Yoga? After 15 years of DOING Yoga, I’ve fulfilled my wish of DIVING DEEP into a healthy, anatomically correct, aligned Yoga. So I took a teacher training with my first yoga teachers Young-Ho & Jang-Ho Kim at Inside Yoga.

What kind of style am I practicing? It’s a Vinyasa style with hands-on adjustments, and you will always find some happiness and mindfulness elements in my classes.

I am crazy about everything around happiness, an open mind, healthy lifestyle and continuously experimenting within those themes.

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Saturday, 21.06
11:45 • 60 MIN
The Ethics of Teaching Yoga

In this panel, we will be discussing the ethics in and around the topic of teaching yoga, leading healthy spiritual communities and building a yoga-related businesses.