Daniel Rama - Headliner

Daniel Rama

Becoming Balance Yoga

Born of a background in functional anatomy and blessed by the good fortune of maturing in an ashram of traditional Hatha Yoga, international yoga instructor, Daniel Rama, is known for bringing a powerful balance of both new and old.

His journey towards yoga began with an at-first unfortunate accident, and a grim diagnosis. Being told by doctors that he would never be able to run again, was one of the most traumatic and depressing experiences for the young man studying to become a personal trainer. Through increasingly unappealing circumstances, yogic techniques eventually lead Rama beyond his darkness, and back into the Light.

After having tasted, first hand, the healing powers of yoga and meditation, young Rama made it his life purpose to share these gifts with the world. Present day, together with his partner Shakti, Rama’s main focus is leading Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings geared towards the fine-tuning of foundations and advancement into the realms of physicality and beyond.

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Friday, 19.06
13:15 • 150 MIN
Becoming Balance: Inversions & Hand-Balances

Fine tune your foundations and gain invaluable insights into the practice of inversions and a range of hand balance asana. All levels are welcome. Feel free to bring a notebook!

Saturday, 20.06
09:00 • 150 MIN
Beyond Balance: Handstands

Expanding upward from Becoming Balance foundations, this session focuses specifically on proper preparation for the classic straight handstand. Learn how to master your handstand with the help of Rama’s unique training methodology.

Saturday, 20.06
11:45 • 60 MIN
Yoga for the Modern Age

The science of yoga remains the same, but human beings undergo constant change. How can we adapt these techniques for use in modern times, without straying from the authentic origin and intention? Join Rama for a discussion on yoga for the modern age.

Sunday, 21.06
13:00 • 90 MIN
Functional Hatha Yoga Flow

Experience a unique fusion of traditional Hatha Yoga and modern functional movement. This practice is designed to enhance physical ability while balancing energetic opposites and establishing favourable movement throughout more subtle systems. Do not miss this class. All levels welcome.

Sunday, 21.06
14:45 • 120 MIN
The Yoga of Social Media

Social Media can be cause for conditions like depression and low self-esteem; or it can be a medium for meaningful connection and the elevation of awareness. Social media is just a tool; how you use it is up to you! This discussion will focus on ways to grow your IG account to various levels WITHOUT selling your soul in the process!