David Pearce

David Pearce

Rocket & Vinyasa Yoga

David completed his 200 hour teacher training with The Yoga People in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket, then furthered this with 100 hours of Advanced Rocket training with David Kyle. He then found balance in his practice and teaching by completing a 100h Yin training, and the marriage of Yin and Yang with a 100h Mandala Vinyasa training, both again with The Yoga People. David completed his 500 hours with The Yoga People with 100h Yin and Anatomy Applied to Vinyasa. As well as training with Dylan Werner in his 30h Anatomy and Assists advanced training, and is an AcroVinyasa teacher, having completed 100h with YogaBeyond. David most recently trained with movement artist Cameron Shane, creator of Budokon, and incorporates what he learned about mobility into his classes.

David’s classes combine more modern ideas of movement with the traditional aspects of yoga, to encourage you to leave feeling nourished rather than punished, and to enjoy the journey of self-discovery through breath and movement; but don’t be fooled – come with a mindset prepared to be challenged.

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Friday, 19.06
17:15 • 120 MIN
Turiya Yoga: A Rocket Experience (Full Rocket 1)

Rocket was created by ‘The Bad Man of Ashtanga Yoga’ Larry Schultz (aka The Rocket Man) in San Francisco in the 90’s. Turiya Yoga has been developed by David, and is a concept that incorporates the modern ideas of mobility with the more traditional aspects of yoga, breathwork, and meditation, all combined to help discover and develop the Self.

Saturday, 20.06
15:45 • 120 MIN
Inversions: Going Upside-Down

Build your confidence, improve your practice, and experience the joy of being inverted! This fun, uplifting workshop will start with a strong vinyasa flow to get you fired up, followed by some strengthening drills and exercises to prepare you for blast-off.

Sunday, 21.06
17:15 • 90 MIN
Mandala Vinyasa: A journey Around the Mat (Elemental Practice)

Break the confines of linearity and travel 360 degrees around your mat in this Mandala Vinyasa. Working with the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) the Mandala practice will focus on one in particular and sequence around that to work the body in a specific way (Earth – folds; Water – hips; Fire – twists; Air – backbends).