Dechen Thurman

Dechen Thurman

Graha Yoga & Philosophy

Karl Dechen Thurman has practiced Jivamukti Yoga and Ohashiatsu since 1992, when he received samples of these modalities at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Member of Screen Actors Guild since 1994. Graduated Ohashi Institute 2001 and assisted Wataru Ohashi at Omega Institute and Integral Yoga Institute. He attended 2005 Jivamukti Teacher Training, and apprenticed with Yogeswari. He has taught at Yoga Journal Conference, Kripalu, Menla Mountain Retreat, Wanderlust and Loyola Marymount University. At Jivamukti Yoga School NYC, he taught a daily morning class for 13 years and completed 20 500 hour thank apprenticeships including Anja Kunhel, Olga Oskorbina and Mimi Chen. Co-Leader of 20+ retreats in Asia and Europe with Geographic Expeditions and Jivamukti Berlin. Served meals and provided cleaning service to refugee families and monks for the American Institute of Buddhist Studies 1978-1989.

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Friday, 09.07
12:00 • 1,5H
Graha Yoga Flow

This masterclass is made up of 90 MIN of Graha Yoga, Dechen’s Yoga Method inspired by his studies of Human Development, Psychology, Anatomy, Consciousness, Manual Therapy, Eastern Philosophy, incorporating the latest research from various Western Sciences.

Saturday, 10.07
12:00 • 1,75H
Graha Yoga: Gravity, Tissues, and Consciousness

This workshop is made up of 60 MIN in Graha Yoga theory with a power point presentation, focusing on the physical binary experience of Gravity and Electricity, that leads though all the steps to the emotional expression of Compassion and Love. The rest of the 45 MIN will be a lead yoga practice that in-corporates the theory.

Sunday, 11.07
19:45 • 90 MIN
The Big Picture: Why We Practice Yoga

Join Dechen for this very important discussion that touches on traditional and modern Yoga Philosophy, as well as Dechen’s 20+ years of Body-Mind practices, growing up in a spiritual community, and the past decade spent on observing the yoga industry in the USA from the inside and from the outside.