Dieter Gurkasch

Dieter Gurkasch

Yoga & Meditation
Hamburg, Germany

Dieter Gurkasch grew up in Hamburg. At the age of 23, he was a drug addict on the streets of Hamburg and was known to the police. Together with a friend, he committed several robberies. In April 1985, the two robbed a Hamburg business with a deterrent gun. When the 55-year-old employee defended herself, Gurkasch hurt her so badly during the drug spree that she died three weeks later. He and his friend fled with 320 marks. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the robbery. He again raided new raids until he was injured in a firefight with the police. He was then sentenced to another twelve years in prison, which he served in the prison Fuhlsbüttel.

In prison, Dieter found his way to yoga and together with a Protestant pastor, organized in 2006 the first yoga group in a German prison. Until his release in 2011, he taught more than 250 prisoners. After his release, he wrote the book “Life Reloaded: How I discovered freedom through yoga in jail” about his transformation from a violent culprit and a murderer into a yogi. He also founded the non-profit association Yoga and Meditation in Prison (YuMiG), which provides yoga therapy for prison inmates. About Gurkasch’s life was reported extensively in the media. Since 2015, Dieter is a regular presenters at various yoga festivals around Europe.

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Saturday, 20.06
08:15 • 30 MIN 
Innere Freiheit Meditation

Join Dieter to discover the space of your inner freedom, no matter what circumstances surround you. Dieter is the living example of the transformative and liberating power of yoga and he will take you on this journey too!